Say hello to Spotify Apps

We’re introducing a new world inside Spotify. It’s a world where there’s even more music for you to discover and a ton of new experiences to be enjoyed. Spotify Apps are here!

Spotify Apps are a bunch of cool, exciting and integrated apps inside Spotify, created by some of the best and brightest in the world. Each app brings you a new music experience tailored to you.

The joy of apps

Thanks to Spotify Apps, the best music reviewers can help you discover great music to listen to. Help yourself to recommendations through and We Are Hunted, and expert tips from Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and Pitchfork.

But that’s not all…

Let’s say you’re listening to a new track and you’d like to know the lyrics. Just click over to the TuneWiki app and see all the words of the song perfectly synced as you’re listening.

Maybe you want to see a gig this weekend? Check out the Songkick app to find out if any of the artists in your library are performing near you. Then get your hands on tickets with a few clicks.

The apps you’ll discover over the next few days are only the beginning. We’ll surprise you, and probably be surprised ourselves, with many more new and wonderful experiences that will make Spotify even better.

How do you add apps?

In the left sidebar of Spotify, you’ll find a section called Apps. Click on this to bring up the App Finder. Go forth and find the apps for you.

For more about Spotify Apps, come this way . As always, we’d love to hear what you think about our new apps.

Happy Apping!

Note: You need the Spotify Apps Preview version to link to these apps directly. Get it here!

This week’s music highlights

We have a bunch of nice pre-releases, a couple of artist-made playlists and, of course, some free tickets.

Detroit-born Alex Winston’s Velvet Elvis EP is now available on Spotify. This release showcases Alex’s mix of infectious and avant-garde pop sound and enigmatic lyrical style.

Alex has compiled a personal Spotify playlist of songs that have inspired her. Here she tells us a bit about why she chose them:

“I chose to make a playlist featuring some of the heavy hitters of early rock and roll, not only because it’s one of my favorite genres, but because of how much these songs and artists have influenced today’s contemporary music. I would have given anything to have been a teen in the mid 50’s experiencing such a new and exciting style of music”. You can subscribe to Alex’s playlist here.

We have some more sweet pre-releases for all Spotify users. Check out Ladytron’s album Gravity The Seducer. You can also enjoy Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album pre-release Hysterical. Plus listen to a couple of playlists they have created over here. And Gimme Ten, the latest album of Ungdomskulen, is also available for all Spotify users.

Also we’d like to congratulate PJ Harvey for picking up her second Mercury Prize. Check out the winning album Let England Shake now.

Last but not least, you can now listen and add to your playlists the pe-release sampler from S.C.U.M., Again Into Eyes. And, if you subscribe by the 18th of September to this playlist you get a chance to win a pair of tickets to see S.C.U.M. perform at the NME Radar Tour. Good luck!

Spotify Premium UK – exclusive new Klaxons album

Klaxons new album ‘Surfing The Void’ is released on 23rd August and the band have hooked up with Spotify to offer Premium subscribers a global-exclusive first listen from this Friday, 20th August.

Most ‘long awaited’ second albums tend to be doused in tribulation and tragedy – drug addictions, breakdowns, in-fighting, reclusiveness or just plain old writer’s block. Not Klaxons’ ‘Surfing The Void’. The wild and winding road that led them from 2007’s ‘Myths Of The Near Future’ to a comeback so spectacular it makes Avatar look like The One Show takes in UFO sightings, shamanic rituals, two scrapped albums and a rotten apple-cum-svengali named Mr Tabernacle. It’s one of rock’s most incredible stories and it elevates Klaxons from one-time scene pioneers to bona fide rock’n’roll legends.

Upgrade to Spotify Premium now to hear the groundbreaking new album and check out their great live video below.

Spotify Premium Sweden, I Want It That Way

The Backstreet Boys recently released their latest single, Straight Through My Heart, and their new album “This Is Us” is out at the beginning of October.

Next Friday, September 11th, they will be in Stockholm to meet with fans and media and one lucky Spotify Premium subscriber in Sweden can win a chance to meet the group and then see them in concert on December 4th at Hovet in Stockholm.

If you want to meet the band and see them live later this year drop us a quick ‘why I should win’ comment on the blog and we’ll pick a winner on September 7th. Good luck!

Spotify Premium Nordics, Hocus Pocus


The English singer/songwriter Jamie T picked up the Best Solo Artist prize at the 2007 Shockwave NME Awards. His debut album, Panic Prevention, was short listed for the Mercury Prize and now he’s back and set to release his second full length album later this month.

Starting today Spotify Premium users in Sweden, Finland and Norway can listen to the new album, Kings & Queens, and for a taste of what to expect check out the first single, Sticks ‘n’ Stones.

Spotify Premium UK, Chalk Stars

Animal KingdomNew UK group, Animal Kingdom, could be loosely compared to the likes of The Cure, The Flaming Lips and Grandaddy. They’ve been making quite an impression on those who have heard them on tour with Vampire Weekend and Camera Obscura and their first single, Tin Man, has been receiving rave reviews.

Their debut album, Chalk Stars, is set to be released later this year. Starting today Spotify Premium users in the UK can listen to their new EP Signs And Wonders exclusively. Enjoy!

Spotify Premium UK, Tricks Of The Trade


It’s been a big year for Danish alternative band Mew. As well as touring alongside Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction they’re also releasing their fifth album, No More Stories…. The record is described as being happier, “dancier” and more upbeat than its predecessor, And the Glass Handed Kites. Starting today, Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK get first dibs at listening to the album in full.

For a taste of what’s on offer, check out their No More Stories EP, then sign up for Spotify Premium for the main course.

Spotify Premium, Speech Debelle single and Q&A


British rapper Speech Debelle released her debut album, Speech Therapy, earlier this year to rave reviews. She was kind enough to do a little Q&A with us in support of her latest single, Better Days, which Spotify Premium users can listen to starting today. Also, check out Speech’s official website for news and info about upcoming gigs.

Update: Just wanted to congratulate Speech on her Mercury Prize nomination, well done!

Where are you?
South London, UK

Describe a typical day?
Wake up and check emails, head out to an interview followed by time in the studio then maybe go to a friend’s.

How’s the European tour going?
The tour is in October and at the moment I’m on the festival circuit, playing at Glastonbury, Latitude, Bestival and the Secret Garden Party.

Best/worst ever gig?
The best gig was Pussy Parlour at Glastonbury a few weeks ago, mad fun! I guess the worst was Dirty Boots at Glastonbury, only because it was the seventh gig in three days and I had lost my voice, not nice!

Describe your musical style in three words.
Neo melodic rap.

Who are your biggest influences?
Michael Jackson, Sizzla, Prince, Madonna.

What makes you happy?
Food, good company, classic songs not the new shit!

What makes you sad?
Choice FM, the top 10 UK singles and albums charts. Michael Jackson’s death.

What was the last lie you told?
I don’t tell lies!

Your last single – Go Then, Bye. Sounds like a tough situation. Did things resolve themselves?
Time resolves things, we still talk every once in a while but it’s not always appropriate anymore.

Favourite place to hang out?
The studio, and it seems the mechanics for the last week cause they can’t seem to fix my car stereo that they fitted!

Favourite city and why?
Right now I’d say London because it’s where the pound is. Saying that though I’ve been to St. Lucia and although pounds are what they don’t have and what they want, they still seem so much happier than us London folk!

Name us your three desert island discs? The albums you couldn’t live without.
SizzlaDa Real Thing‘; Me’Shell Ndegéocello ‘Bitter’; 2Pac ‘Greatest Hits’

Fancy putting a playlist together for us?
Speech Debelle’s Tribute To Michael Jackson

Human Nature
My favorite song of all time, this is what my song ‘Daddies Little Girl’ is based on. The tempo and drum pattern at the beggining is identical.

Will You Be There
It’s such an emotive song, the words, the passion in which he sings it, the choir, the progression and the constant snare! I also love the line, “I’m only human.”

In the Closet
From one of my fave Michael albums, the very underrated ‘Dangerous’. I love how he’s dancing, it’s hot!

Who Is It
Again off the ‘Dangerous’ album, Teddy Riley did his thing, the beat is on fire!

Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough
If this don’t wanna make you dance, something’s wrong with your body! He was also so good looking in this video and he looked so happy.

Remember the Time
One of the best videos of all time. Teddy riley again on production, they were an amazing team.

Dirty Diana
This is Michael showing us that he can do any type of music and better than most. Michael doing rock.

This Place Hotel (a/k/a Heartbreak Hotel)
The strings and trumpet section make it a triumphant break up song.

Spotify Premium UK, The Dead Weather debut


The Dead Weather is the latest supergroup to form bringing together members of The Kills, The Raconteurs, Queens Of The Stone Age and Jack White of the White Stripes. The Nashville based band was formed back in February 2009 and their murky mix of blues and classic rock has been generating early rave reviews.

Their highly anticipated debut album, Horehound, is being released next week in stores. In a UK exclusive Spotify Premium subscribers can get access to the full album starting today.