Spotify Premium now available at Paypoint


Now you’ll be able to purchase Spotify Premium at over 28,000 PayPoint outlets across the UK. You can purchase either one, three, six or twelve months of Spotify Premium directly from the store counter, just like you would top-up a mobile or buy a train ticket.

You’ll receive a receipt that contains a PIN. Go to and log into the your account and enter that PIN and your account will be immediately upgraded so that you can start enjoying the benefits of a premium subscription.

Find your closest Paypoint outlet at



Introducing Spotify Family – one account for the whole band.

Spotify Family

Are you currently sharing your Spotify account with the entire family? Want to keep your 60s soul classics playlist separate from your kids’ Frozen soundtrack and save money in the process?

Well, great news! With Spotify Family you can now invite up to four family members and share one billing account whilst keeping your listening history, recommendations and playlists completely separate.

The more the merrier.

Having a family can be expensive. But music doesn’t have to be. With Spotify Family, you can add up to four family members to your account, and each additional user gets up to 50% off Spotify Premium.

You each get your own account.

Your own music. Your own playlists and recommendations. But just one simple family bill. It’s great for big families with lots of different devices, as everyone can play at once. No more interruptions when mum logs in. No more fighting over Calvin vs Lionel.

Spotify Family will roll out globally over the upcoming weeks. To learn more about this great new deal, click here 

Check out Guilty Pledgers – the world’s first fundraising app for music fans

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Today, we unveil the arrival of Guilty Pledgers, which allows you to pledge money for a charity of your choice in exchange for adding a favourite song to a party playlist.

Any Spotify user can throw a Guilty Pledgers house party by signing in with Facebook. From here, guests can add songs to the playlist from any smartphone or tablet. Songs can be pledged from any browser on any device and sent directly to the Spotify app in near real-time with all donations going through Just Giving, which supports over 13,000 charities.

To use the app, go to