Introducing the Spotify Follow Button

The new Spotify Follow Button makes it easier than ever to connect with your favourite artists, magazines and friends – all with a simple click of a button. You’ll start seeing Spotify Follow Buttons all over the web. By clicking Follow, you’ll get seamless and relevant updates, like your favourite artist’s latest album, or the pre-party playlist from your favourite music magazine.

Want to have your own Spotify Follow Button?

Add Spotify Follow buttons to your pages and make it easy for your web visitors to follow you,  your favourite artists, or any Spotify profile. Great for artists who want to build a fan base, bloggers who want to raise their Spotify profiles, and music lovers who just want to share their tastes!

All you need to do is use our “Follow” button generator here.

The Spotify Follow feature gives you a simple way to share your music, curated playlists and latest releases – direct with your fans.

Are you ready? Here are some artists to follow: