Introducing Spotlight


This year alone Spotify has created brilliant, exclusive content in collaboration with artists like Daft Punk, Avicii and Kendrick Lamar, but now we’re ready to go further. Say hello to Spotlight, the new home for a whole host of fantastic music, the freshest discoveries and the hottest recommendations right at the heart of Spotify.

Spotlight will show you what’s hot and who’s next, plus there’ll be the coolest exclusives, pre-releases, b-sides and remixes alongside new artist recommendations, playlists, track-by-track commentaries and video interviews.

We’re launching Spotlight with two of the most exciting artists in the world today, Los Angeles’ own HAIM and New Zealand’s Lorde. There’s never been anything like this on Spotify before, so if you’re ready to meet your next favourite new band and discover a world of amazing music then we’ll meet you there.

For the best freshest recommendations and hottest tracks of the year so far, follow our Spotlight On 2013 playlist:

September Beats presented by @thursplay

6:27 imageHere’s what you’ll listen to on this September Beats by our friends at @thursplay :

Closing the month of September with 15 awesome hand picked songs on September Beats by @thursplay [2013]: listen to Postiljonen with their very cathy and smooth “Supreme” followed by Black Light Dinner Party’s great song “We are Golden”. The amazing canadian pop band Stars has new music out, check out “Wishful” and the very soulful Eliza Doolittle singing “Big When I Was Little” from the Spotify London office!

What else? Oh yeah, listen to brand new music from Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire with “Reflektor”, with her ever so smooth sound in her new single “Shadows” is Swedish singer Big Fox and also Swedish singer Laleh with “Colors”.

Still on this playlist: Colours in the Streets, Andrew Belle, CHVRCHES and more!

What were your favorite releases during September?

Share them with us today on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #thursplay.

Hello Argentina, Taiwan, Greece and Turkey – Spotify here!

Argentina Turkey Taiwan Greece Spotify

We’re delighted to announce that Spotify is available in Argentina, Taiwan, Greece and Turkey starting today. There are millions of songs on Spotify – from old favourites to the latest hits. Just hit play to stream anything you like!

Spotify works on your computer, laptop, mobile and tablet. So whether you’re working out, partying or relaxing, the right music is always at your fingertips.

It’s easy to get started. Just subscribe or listen for free. (Yes, free!)

Spotify Free – Instant music for free on your computer, featuring ads.

Spotify Unlimited – Unlimited, ad-free music on your computer.

Spotify Premium – Listen on mobile and download songs for when you don’t have a connection.

Do you know anyone in Argentina, Taiwan, Greece and Turkey that would love to have the best music for every moment?

Send them a song today!


Find Mr Monopoly and win Premium!

MonopolyIn the all new Monopoly Empire, Hasbro has gathered 22 of the world’s top brands to appear on the same Monopoly game board, including our very own Spotify! Monopoly Empire creates a whole new gaming experience where players collect, buy, and trade top brands and companies – in a quest to “own it all” and win the game.

On Saturday 21st September, an exciting live treasure hunt will happen across Central London. Log onto from 19th September to track the location of Mr Monopoly and you could win one of 100 prizes, including Spotify Premium!


Our Interview With Jimmy Anderson

Jimmy and EduardoLancashire and England cricketer Jimmy Anderson has been called the best bowler of his generation and it was he who, basically, won England the Test Match back in July. Indeed, such is his dedication to the sport that he laughs that his favourite noise is, “the sound a ball makes when it hits a bat’s sweet spot.”

But there’s more to Mr A than that. He is, in his own words, a huge music fan and he’s recently been appointed as Nordoff Robbins’ newest Ambassador. “I’ve got to see first-hand the difference music therapy can make to all kinds of people,” he said recently. “Their work is really unique and I’m proud to support them.”

All of which made us wonder exactly what music does he love? So, being the proactive types we are we phoned him up and asked him.

“OK, so this is what I’m listening to right now,” Jimmy told us. “Which also means it’s what we have on in the dressing room!”

Daft Punk – Get Lucky 
I’ve always loved Daft Punk and this song’s great. This would definitely get played all the way through in the dressing room!

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive
I heard this on the radio recently and loved it. The album’s great too.

Stereophonics – Indian Summer
I’m a proper, long-term fan of the band and I love the new album.

Django Django – Default 
This is a great record – I’d love to see them some time, but we always tend to be playing when the festivals are happening!

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors 
I wasn’t really a fan before this new album, but this is a great song.

Bastille – Laura Palmer 
Bastille are definitely my favourite new band of the moment – love this.

Choir Of Young Believers – Hollow Talk
This was the theme for a TV show called The Bridge that the whole team watched on tour. Boxsets are brilliant, we’ve watched Luther, The Wire and Breaking Bad recently.

Crystal Fighters – You & I 
I’m totally new to this band. I heard this on either Radio One or Absolute Radio – I flick between them all the time – and was hooked straight away.

Jake Bugg – Someone Told Me
I first saw Jake on Later and thought he was great. I really love his album.

The Lumineers – Ho Hey
Brilliant song and I love the video where there’s whole rooms of people dancing with the band.

James – Tomorrow
This song was a huge part of my childhood – I’d listen to it in my bedroom over and over again. It might just be my favourite song ever!


Introducing Spotify Landmark


Spotify Landmark is the story behind the greatest musical moments, told by the folks who made them. The show weaves together intimate interviews with artists, producers, industry figures and celebrities to create an “aural history” of legendary albums, concerts and events.

Our premiere episode focuses on Nirvana’s final studio album, In Utero, which is being re-issued this month to mark its 20th anniversary.

Uncover the story behind this iconic album with Spotify Landmark here!


Labrinth And Sennheiser Present: Project Noise


“This could end up as the weirdest track ever…”

Brilliant producer and musician Labrinth has partnered up with Sennheiser to launch the Project Noise campaign. The idea is to crowdsource everyday sounds from across the UK, have these noises uploaded to the cloud, then sit back and wait for Lab to create an experimental, unique and original track with what he finds there.

The piece itself will arrive later this year and the very first of these noises were collected this week, but Lab is already talking about the wide quantity and variety of found sounds he needs to make something truly special.

“I want all the ingredients to blend together to make a massive record,” he told us. “It’s a futuristic idea.”

So what exactly are you looking for?

We want to collect any type of sound, from restaurant noise, to London weather, to the sound of your mum screaming at you to get up in the morning! We want all the ingredients to make a massive record. I’ll put it on my album if it’s good enough!

What’s the most unusual noises you’ve ever used on recording?

Well, as a kid my hands were really dry and I would rub them together to make the sound of a shaker. That was quite odd. I’ve also hit a CD case with a pencil to make a snare drum sound. I’ll try anything – that’s why this project’s so exciting. It might all be codswallop, it might be the some madness! That’s why I love it, I genuinely have no idea what’s going to turn up. This could end up as the weirdest track ever.

Do you feel that sense of experimentation has been missing in music?

I think it has been, yeah. For the past year or so I’ve been getting really into synthesizers and all about getting my hands on totally new sounds. I like to take the time to use raw air and raw sounds because I know that will make something new – something on another level. I know people who feel everything’s been done, that it’s hard to go to another level, so some of them just  relax. They think, well, Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Wonder or Quincy Jones or The Beatles have done everything already! But I’m not like that, I want to use natural and random sounds.

What was the last shocking piece of music you heard?

Probably the Justice album – they used a lot of compression and brought out the dirty, ugly sounds out of their synths. But I like a lot of old school stuff. I’m listening to a lot of David Axelrod at the moment – he basically invented hip-hop. I’m a real vintage guy, that’s what takes my head off. Those guys went mad, they lost their minds trying to make music, they’d hit a table every day until they found exactly the right tone, now you just go online and someone will tell you. But there are still innovators, still people who still want to make fresh music and make history, but it’s not as prominent as it should be.

If you were going to upload a noise, what would it be?

Well I like white noise, that proper, aggressive, percussive sounding white noise. You filter it and it sounds cool, like you’re hitting a huge metal pan. I love very sci-fi sounds too, anything that sounds like a theremin – i want to make love to that sound. I love industrial things too – big, clanging, metal sounds – you can hear that on my records. There are amazing sounds all over the world. I’m going to get as innovative as possible with Project Noise…

For more information on how you can contribute to Project Noise, head to

Haim’s new Exclusive Track ‘Let Me Go’ Now available on Spotify!

Everyone’s favourite girl band Haim have been on our radar for quite some time, so we are understandably rather excited for their debut album to be released in the UK on 30th September.  For those of you who can’t wait that long (that’s us…), we are giving you a taste of the album with an exclusive track taken from the forthcoming LP.  

Let Me Go is the storming set-closer that sees all three members of the band take to the drums in dramatic style.  Listen to it now, and follow the band on Spotify to get notified as soon as the album is released.


Seven Truths About Avicii

It’s finally here, Avicii’s long awaited debut album ‘TRUE’! To celebrate this, we asked Avicii to reveal seven truths about himself to Spotify users. Are you ready?

First place I ever DJed at: Club Louie in Miami back in 2010.   

Person that I dream about collaborating with: Adele, her voice is incredible.

This feedback I will never forget: When I heard Pete Tong talking about my first premiere, the track “Man Man”, at his show back in 2009.

First instrument that I learned to play: The guitar.

The artist I envy: I try not to compare myself to others – I’m doing my thing and focusing on that 110%.

The song that changed my life: Byron Stingily – Get Up (Everybody). This song is an old classic, simple but yet amazing!

My best advice to aspiring DJs out there: Don’t give up! It takes a long time to really get a hold of the production part, and the same goes with mastering the decks.

Listen to Avicii’s debut album TRUE now, right here on Spotify!