Quiz: Women Who Rock

How much do you know about some of these great female musicians? Careful—the questions get harder as you go. 1. Her video for “Love Is a Battlefield” was the first to include dialogue as well as the musical performance. 2. She worked at the Playboy Club before her band had its first U.S. hit with […]

Our Interview with Lawson

“Songs are like girls, you’ll never get a ten, but you might get a 9…”, Lawson The Mighty Lawson – we know they’re called Lawson but we really like calling them The Mighty Lawson – came to play in the Spotify office the other day (you’ll be able to hear the session here soon) and […]

NME’s Best Albums of 2012

Well here’s something that’s a bit good. In fact, here are fifty things that are a bit good. NME have just released their 50 Best Albums Of 2012 issue – this is as comprehensive a list of the new music you really ought to be listening to right now as you will read anywhere. Come […]

App of the week: PLAY GUETTA

“The connection I get with my people is everything to me. I am really happy to be teaming up with Spotify on this app to share this amazing new access to my music.” David Guetta Calling all Guetta fans! Check out the PLAY GUETTA Spotify App and join the permanent party. With the PLAY GUETTA […]

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations. We start fresh with a nice dose of electropop and the sound of Australian “Strange Talk”. “Cast Away” is the first single from their debut album which will be released in early 2013. I’m really looking forward to hear the whole album soon. We contiune with a dream […]

November Beats presented by @thursplay

Here’s what you’ll listen to on this November Beats by our friends at @thursplay : “Disparate Youth” by American singer/songwriter/producer Santigold; “Downward Spiral” by The Helio Sequence, an American alternative rock duo from Oregon; English singer-songwriter Lucy Rose with “Night Bus” from her album “Like I Used to”; Danish indie Asbjørn debuting the great single […]

Our interview with CAZZETTE

“A fully soundproofed room feels sort of creepy…”, CAZZETTE Seb Furrer and Alex Björklund met online while hanging out in a forum for DJs and producers. One night Seb logged out and began watching a string of Avicii videos online and that same night he decided to bite the bullet and email the producer’s manager. […]

Our Interview with Skye Edwards

“I was so shy I signed up to singing classes just to meet people!”, Skye Edwards Skye joined Morcheeba almost by accident, yet the three-piece’s groove-heavy mix of trip-hop, dub, rock, jazz and pop enjoyed huge success in the 1990s. Skye left the band in 2003, but returned to the band in 2010. She has […]

Caravan Palace Playlist and Soundgarden Spotify App – Music News

Caravan Palace Playlist Platinum selling French pioneers of Electro-Swing Caravan Palace will release their second album ‘Panic’ on November 19th through the Café de la Danse label. Caravan Palace have been relentlessly busy this summer touring across Europe and wowing UK festival audiences at the likes of The Secret Garden Party, Larmer Tree and Boomtown […]

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations. We start a new week with a band from Cleveland, Ohio called “The Lighthouse and the Whaler”. The first song in our playlist this week is the catchy title track from their second full-length album, “This is an Adventure” Next band in our playlist is a favorite indie […]