#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

We kick off a new week with catchy beats from the German-Australian “Between Borders”. “A World Away” is from their latest album “Asymmetrical Edged Wonderland” released just a few weeks ago. We continue with an electro pop group from Louisville: “The Pass” and their song “Trap of Mirrors” from their debut album “BURST” released back in 2010.

“Coastal Cities” are a fresh indie-dance band from Buckinghamshire. I like their song “The Voyage” that was released together with their latest single “Relief”.

We continue with “Ski Lodge”‘s enjoyably tuneful EP from last year. I really love Andrew Marr’s soft voice when singing the beautiful “A Game”

The English folk/rock quartet “Mumford & Sons” just released their second album called “Babel”. The last song in our playlist this week is “The Boxer” (Jerry Douglas, Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon) from the new album.

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