Listen to Cold Specks’s Spotify Session

The session tracks were recorded at The Park studios in Wembley, London Most are stripped down acoustic versions of songs that ended up on our debut album ‘I Predict A Graceful Expulsion’, whilst “On the Move” is an old, ‘lost’ song, which until now has never seen the light of day.

‘The Mark’ which opens the session started off as a noise pop song. She jokingly said to the producer “Look, I turned it into a Smog song” and started singing and playing the guitar in the way that she thought Bill Callahan would play.

He looked at her and said, “That sounds really great. You should keep it that way” and so ‘The Mark’ is Cold Specks’s homage to Bill Callahan. Cold Specks kick off the UK tour with a very special show at Union Chapel, London on October 10th. Full tour dates here.