Introduce Spotify to your Denon AV receiver

You can now provide your living room with millions of songs for your listening pleasure, with Denon and Spotify.

Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products, will provide direct access to our vast music library via selected home cinema receivers. You can control Spotify through Denon’s graphical user interface or through the Denon Remote App.

With just a small firmware update via Internet, you can open up a new horizon of high-quality listening pleasure on your Denon AV receiver.

The Denon AV receivers that now support Spotify are the AVR-2113, AVR-3313 and AVR-2313. For more information about how to get Spotify in your Denon AV receiver, click here.

If you are a Premium subscriber, you can enjoy Spotify on Denon AV receivers. Haven’t tried Spotify Premium? Come this way and get a free 30 day trial.