How To: Embed a Spotify Play Button on your Blog, Forum or Website

Since we launched the Spotify Play Button earlier this year, many bloggers, forums and websites have started using our Play Button to share music in a easy and elegant way. You can also add a Play Button to your website, forum post or blog.

All your fans have to do is hit play to enjoy the music.

Follow the simple steps below and you’ll have your site singing in seconds.

1) Open Spotify and right click on the Album, Track or Playlist you would like to embed.

2) Click on “Copy Embed Code”.

3) Paste this code in your blog or website in the HTML editor view.

4) That’s it!

To customize the look and feel of the play button:

You can use our Play Button generator. But if you know some basic HTML you can follow these simple guidelines:

– To change the height and the width of the play button, just edit these two fields:
width="250" height="300"

(Minimum width is 250 pixels, minimum height is 80 pixels)

– To have the Play Button with a white theme, just add “&theme=white” right after the playlist or album code:


– If you prefer to show the cover art view, add “&view=coverart” after the playlist or album code:


(Minimum width for this view is 250 pixels, minimum height is 330 pixels)

Enjoy sharing the music!