This week’s Music News

August is here and we’ve got some fantastic new releases to accompany us through the final month of summer!

Delilah’s hugely anticipated debut album ‘From The Roots Up’ is finally out and available to be streamed. In true Delilah fashion her vocal is as emotive as ever and the production experimental but effective. The sultry songstress has even been kind enough to put together a playlist of the tracks she loves at the moment. You’ll find this at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

Ashes’ the debut album from the goth pop that has taste makers and blogs going wild is here! Kyla La Grange’s album can now be streamed so give it a stream and you’ll see why she deserves all the buzz she’s got!

The Scottish quintet ‘Admiral Fallow’ have put together a playlist of their favourite songs of all time. It features artists they respect and admire and makes for a fantastic musical journey.

We also have this playlist from Mali of Race Horses. Their album ‘Furniture’ is out on September 10th. Until then each member of the band will be releasing exclusive playlists in the weeks leading up to the album, so watch this space for some fantastically varied playlists.

As promised here’s Delilah’s playlist!