August Beats presented by @thursplay

Our friends at @thursplay have compiled this playlist for August. First up on this August Beats edition by @thursplay is the single “Now is the start” by A Fine Frenzy from her upcoming 3rd album “Pines” to be released in early October. Find also indie rock band Grizzly Bear with their second released tune “Yet […]

Cover Me!

Some songs are so closely associated with certain musicians that it’s hard to believe they weren’t the first to perform them. “Respect” Best-Known Version: Aretha Franklin Original artist: It’s an Otis Redding song. When it came out on his 1965 album Otis Blue, it wasn’t a hit or even a single. Franklin covered it two […]

Can you solve Spotify’s Tech Puzzles?

If you like a puzzle, here’s a mighty challenge for you! Are you techy enough to solve Spotify’s Tech Puzzles? We use these puzzles to screen candidates who want to be part of Spotify’s development team. They’re a great way to find really talented people to come and work for us and help Spotify to […]

Help us create the Nation’s Favourite Training Playlist with spogo

Make the year 2012 the year that counts by helping us build the nation’s favourite training playlist. Our friends at, a great place to find sport and fitness activities near you, are building the nation’s favourite training playlist with us. Help us reach 2,012 tracks by 31 December – simply add the URL of […]

Bastille’s ‘Bad Blood EP’ is out now.

It contains Bad Blood, new song Haunt and remixes by Melé, F*U*G*Z (featuring Dan from the band, Kenzie May and rapper F. Stokes) as well as recent TNGHT accomplice Lunice. If you check out the video to the track you’ll see mysterious seaside happenings. To tie in with this, Dan from the band has put […]

This week’s Music News

It is once again time for the fantastic new releases of the week and we’ve got some utter gems to share with you! Alanis Morrisette the once vengeful singer/ songwriter is back with her new album ‘Havoc And Bright Lights’. Though its not filled with the vengeful songs that we now know as her signature […]

Our Interview with Nathan from Gossip

“London blew my mind at first – there were so many radical freaks here…”, Nathan Howdeshell from Gossip Nathan Howdeshell, founder member and guitarist with Gossip since 1999, dropped by the Spotify office this week to DJ in the Soundrop room. Sat surrounded by notes scribbled with ideas for tracks, bottles of cold beer and […]

10 Odd Things You May Not Know About Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa, who died in 1993 aged 52, once said his job was to, “extrapolate everything to the extreme” and his vast catalogue of music proves this over and over again. The ultimate rock and roll iconoclast, Zappa’s first band, The Mothers of Invention, were regulars on LA’s Sunset Strip during the rise of psychedelia […]