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#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

It is Monday and, as always, time for a new playlist!

We kick off this week with a song called “Fineshrine” by a new favorite Canadian indie electronic duo called “Purity Ring”. I was really looking forward to hear more from them after hearing their amazing debut single “Obedear” a few months ago. Last week I was happy to see their debut album “Shrines” made available in Spotify.

Next band out this week is by an American indie-pop duo called “Ghost Beach”. I really like their catchy feel-good song called “Miracle”.

More American dream pop coming up. This time from a San Francisco duo “Midi Matilda” and their single “Red Light District”.

We continue with “Hot Chip”‘s dreamy song “Let Me Be Him” from their latest album “In Our Heads”. “In Our Heads” is “Hot Chip”‘s fifth full-length album and I agree with those who say it is their most playful and colorful record yet.

Last song in this weeks playlist is by the English singer; Louisa Rose Allen, better known as “Foxes”. She completes this weeks playlist with her beautiful debut single “Youth”.

If you have song suggestions for next week’s playlist, be sure to drop them in Mona’s Spotify Inbox.

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Check out Emeli Sandé’s Playlist


Being a musician is an amazing honour, but it’s not all glamour and glitzy parties. Sometimes a gruelling daily schedule of photoshoots, early plane rides, soundchecks and interviews can leave the senses somewhat dulled. A question Emeli often gets asked is ‘where do you find your inspiration?

Sometimes, as in the case of the video her latest single ‘My Kind Of Love’ which was drawn from Emeli’s experiences at medical school, it comes from memories and life events. But plenty of the time it comes from simply stepping away from the piano and listening to others. Here are just a selection of some of the tracks that have been frequenting Emeli’s own headphones and have given her the motivation to reach her own personal best.

Spotify presents Blur 21: The Exhibition

Situated in an intimate, well-hidden, white-walled gallery deep in the heart of East London, Blur’s 21 exhibition is a fascinating and moving collection of photographs, portraits, artwork, music and film. The 70 pieces chart the band’s startling visual journey, from a bunch of gauzy, bowl cut ‘n’ baggy t-shirt wearing pop-psychedelicists, through their DM boots and Levis phase, past the thrift-store chic, the lurid sportswear and regulation Fred Perry tops (very much the garment of choice for a number of men who attended the launch party, but not for bass-player Alex, drummer Dave or Damon, who were all in attendance) up to the more muted, maturity the band presented on their two most recent singles, Under The Westway and The Puritan.

What’s really interesting is how each of the featured photographers, designers and artists – Pennie Smith, Kevin Cummins, Paul Postle, Tom Sheehan, Banksy and Julian Opie – all seemed to find a different group. There are some classic band portraits and a handful of fantastically evocative live shots, but in each one Blur reveal something new about themselves and the world around them; but what comes through more powerfully than anything else is what an incredible, shocking and hilarious experience it all was. One perfect shot is an overhead photo of what appears to be a hotel room table somewhere in Japan.

The ash-covered detritus tells its own, wonderful story. The empty wine bottles, soft-drink cans, “day-after” headache remedies, crushed-up fag packets, tickets and flyers all point towards a group of people in a mad hurry to have the best time it’s possible for people to have. What’s really amazing is that they managed it. Maybe, hopefully, they’re even still having it.

David Guetta and Spotify take you to Ibiza.

DJ extraordinare David Guetta has teamed up with us to offer you the summer of a lifetime! You could win a trip for 2 to Ibiza by simply entering the international competition Playlist Me, I’m Famous.

You’ll be competing against 14 other Spotify territories to create the ultimate David Guetta playlist of your 10 favourite David Guetta tracks. Share with your friends to get as many like’s as you can until August 26th and if you get the most likes you’ll be the lucky Spotify user who’ll be relaxing in the sun and partying until dawn!

Click here to enter.

This week’s Music News

Joshua Radin’s stunning new album ‘Underwater’ will be out next week but because we simply couldn’t wait any longer Josh has agreed to give us an exclusive track by track. Josh explains the motivation behind each track and also gives us a sneaky listen to each track.

Conor Maynard’s single ‘Vegas Girl’ came out this week as girls everywhere perfect their Vegas girl impressions!

American rockers The Gaslight Anthem released their fourth album ‘Handwritten’ which is now available for you to stream and share with friends.

We’ve also got a brilliant playlist from you by Thom from Alt – J

Check out Blur’s Spotify App

To celebrate 21 years since the release of their debut album Leisure, Blur are launching their Spotify App. If you are a Blur fan use the App to hear new and exclusive content, create playlists, and listen to set lists from gigs throughout the band’s two decade history.

Here’s the full list of Blur’s Spotify App features:

  1. Bios – band bio and individual bios for band members Alex James, Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Graham Coxon
  2. Featured Shows – a series of radio shows hosted by Gary Crowley, to be released over the next four weeks, taking a look at key milestones in the band’s career
  3. Discography – from Leisure to present day
  4. Playlists – a playlist generator tool, and a library of playlists created by other Blur fans
  5. Gigs – browse setlists from the best of Blur’s live gigs, and enjoy playlists of their favourite gigs since 1989, curated by the band themselves

Click here to add the app to Spotify today!

July Beats presented by @thursplay


Our friends at @thursplay have compiled this playlist for July.

July has been a great month for new music releases. A lot of bands have revealed their much anticipated new albums or singles and you can find some of them featured on this July Beats playlist.

British band Mystery Jets has a new album out called “Radlands” and in this playlist you can listen to their beautiful “Someone Purer” track found on their latest album.
Indie-rock London based, The Vaccines, also has a new release out: listen to “No Hope” and get your feet moving.

New Yorker based singer-songwriter Regina Spektor has released a new album called “What we saw from the cheap seats”. The song “All the rowboats” has stood out and it can be found on this playlist. Beautiful, isn´t it? She still got it! “Hips and Lips” by Brittish alternative rock band, Maximo Park, is a great and catchy track from their new album of same name.

Still on the new releases, check out “Take a Walk”, new single by Passion Pit and “Wrecking Ball” which is the new single by Norwegian band Casa Murilo; Bloc Party with “Octopus”, Band of Horses with “Knock Knock” and the very uptempo “Headphones” by Little Boots and “Always” by Summer Camp.

From their latest album “The Temper Trap”, listen to “Trembling Hands”, another extraordinary song by the Australians indie-rockers of The Temper Trap. A playful song by Serenades is also featured in this playlist. “Weapons” is one of the many great songs by this Swedish group formed by Shout Out Louds´ Adam Olenius and Laako´s Markus Krunegard.

New music from known names: Jack White with “Missing Pieces” and The Walkmen with “Nightingales”. MsMr introduce themselves with their single “Hurricane”, an easy-to-get-lost-into yet intriguing track. We sure are curious to hear more from MsMr, what about you?

What have you listened to the most during this month of July? Let us know by sharing your favorite beats with us on Twitter using the hashtag #thursplay.

Enjoy the playlist!

101 Great British Classics

This week, all eyes – and ears – are on the UK!
Ahead of all the excitement, we’ve compiled the ultimate collection of Great British Classics – spotlighting some of the hottest bands and artists from Britain.

Tune in here!

Get your chance to meet Jimmy Cliff

Reggae veteran Jimmy Cliff released ‘Rebirth’ earlier this month, and will be wowing audiences at the Jamaica at 50 celebration on August 6th.

Be sure to have a listen to his new album on Spotify, by clicking the play button below!

This will truly be an event to remember and to make it even more special we’re offering the chance to meet the iconic artist Jimmy Cliff himself.