Check out the new, improved ShareMyPlaylists apps

We’ve been enjoying the new apps from our friends at They’ve revamped their iOS and Spotify App with cool new features and a new redesign.

Here’s what’s new and better on the Spotify App:

– The “Recommended” feature scans your play history and suggests playlists tailored to your tastes.

– The souped-up playlist generator – now powered by Echonest – gives you even better playlists based on your tastes. Simply enter an artists’ name and, quick as a flash, you’ll have a playlist full of similar musicians.

– Their “Genres” section allows you to search their full catalogue of playlists, organised by genre, from alternative to world and everything inbetween.

– Their “Featured” section, curated by their editorial team, showcases the very best playlists in SMP’s library. You can also order playlists by “Most Played” and “Latest”.

– Sharing your playlists has never been easier. Simply drag your creations into the “Publish a playlist” section at the bottom of the app and, hey presto, you’ve added your playlist to our library.

– On their iOS app, you can now filter the more than 90,000 playlists by featured, latest, most played or genre from your iPhone or iPad.
Plus, you can listen to the playlists in-app or open them in Spotify and save them in your Spotify account – perfect for building up your own collection of classic SMP playlists.

Click here to download the new SMP iOS app and here to check out the SMP Spotify app.