This week’s music news and competitions

This week we’ve added a great mix of new music to Spotify.

Foreign Beggars’ latest single ‘Palm Of My Hand’ just dropped and of course we’ve got it up and ready for you to stream, so you as good as have it in the palm of yours!

Quirky rock veteran Marilyn Manson’s latest album ‘Born Villain’ will be out next week, but since we’re such an impatient bunch here at Spotify we’ve managed to get a 4 track sampler to tide us over until the full release is here.

The former White Stripes guitarist has finally released his highly anticipated debut album ‘Blunderbuss’. It had all the critics and DJs itching to have a listen and now you can listen for yourself.

Rufus Wainwright’s latest album is out now on Spotify, but since we all know that songs mean a whole lot more when you understand where they came from we are not only bringing you the album, but a track by track commentary of how each song came into being.

American model turned songstress Hannah Cohen just released her debut album the provocatively titled ‘Child Bride’, and has also created a playlist of the music she’s currently listening to. Miss Cohen has been listening to a lot of Brazilian music and so the Latin vibe is unmistakeable.

A biopic film has just been released to celebrate the life of the legend that was Bob Marley. Here at Spotify we’re always keen to join in with festivities, so we’ve teamed up with Universal music to give you the chance to win a limited edition vinyl signed by the Marley family. Simply click here, enter your details and you could be the proud owner of a priceless bundle of music! You can also listen to the soundtrack for the film on Spotify now!

Polica have decided they have a rather unusual gift to share. Their new album ‘Give You The Ghost is now out and of course we are sharing this delightful present with you….we hope you’ll receive it with open ears!