Fashion, celebrities and music – Listen to Spotify while you read on VOGUE.COM UK and UK

A few days ago we launched our Spotify Play Button, a very easy-to-embed code that allows blogs and websites to include direct music content on their sites in a beautiful way. Two websites which are making beautiful music already are VOGUE.COM UK and UK, which are now bringing their fashion and celebrity content alive with music.

On UK you can now enjoy playlists related to the world of fashion, such as Fashion’s 2012 Playlist, plus regular Song of the Week features.


Also VOGUE.COM will celebrate Vogue Cover Musicians, featuring all the musicians who have ever appeared on their cover – from Bono to Elton to Johnny Borrell, and from Lana Del Rey to Rihanna and Kylie – and while you read about them, you will be able to play their favourite and most famous songs.

Meanwhile, on UK, you will be able to read GQ’s music reviews while listening to the music that’s being written about.


The Spotify Play Button allows the wide range of talented GQ journalists to support their interviews, live reviews and archive pieces with music in a simple, easy to use way. It is obviously great reading about a hot new band or a cult musician, but it’s much more exciting if you can listen to them as you read.

With fashion and music more stylishly entwined than ever, watch out on VOGUE.COM UK and UK for the world’s most fashionable music.