Listen to Chiddy Bang’s rap – freestyling to the words you suggested!

Chiddy Bang

On February 9th, the boys from Chiddy Bang were invited into Spotify’s London offices to perform a special freestyle rap. We asked all of you to get involved and send words for them to incorporate into their freestyle.

Words all of you submitted included:

College, intellectual property, anonymous, fish finger sandwiches, trifle, tea and custard creams, fish and chips, Sherlock Holmes in drag, animals wearing people clothes, Finding Nemo, pigeons and planes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, brunettes, 2012, Karl Marx, The French Revolution, Che Guevara, double rainbows, pirates, Johnny Depp, The Rugrats, Spotify, super powers, England, President Obama, Blake Griffin, London and swag.

Click here and listen to this special recording exclusively on Spotify and check how many of those words you can hear Chiddy freestyle about.