Check out Maverick Sabre’s exclusive behind the scenes content

Maverick Sabre

Maverick Sabre has quickly established himself as one of the most unique voices in UK pop. A genuine talent who worked his way to prominence, his voice has done the talking.

Retro-tinged soul numbers meet the hardened lyrics of his past on his debut album ‘Lonely Are The Brave’, which is available to listen to now on Spotify. It’s the sound of a man that has lived a life, away from the bright lights of the Brit School generation and learned his craft the hard way, with no outside assistance, just his voice and an indefinable inner belief.

To celebrate the release, Mav and Spotify have pulled together to give you a behind the scenes glimpse at the writing and recording process for ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ as well as some insight into the music that has influenced Maverick throughout his life, provided by none other than Maverick Sabre himself.

Click here to check out Maverick’s artist page on Spotify, where you’ll find all this and more.