Hot Tunes from the Oven from the Fabulous Baker Brothers

Fabulous Baker Brothers

When Henry and I are baking up a storm, it’s fueled by good strong coffee, a love of sharing great food, bounced along with brotherly banter, and always accompanied by awesome music. Since we were kids, growing up above Hobbs House bakery in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, music has influenced how we do what we do.

Namely baking lush bread and whoop ass buns. I distinctly remember hearing Roxy Music, and ’80’s classics wafting up from the bakery to my bedroom, very early in the morning. Music mingling up with the best aroma in the world, baking bread, enough to influence any impressionable lad and I was [dough] hooked.

Since those early days, wherever Henry or I have baked and cooked, we’ve always played music we love to set the tone and tempo. We’ve learnt that playing music you love, helps a shift go faster and smoother and of course it makes everything taste better. And now with Spotify Premium, everything just gotten a hec of a lot more irresistible.

We’ve made a series titled Fabulous Baker Brothers for Channel 4 (it’s on now) and this is our HOT playlist of tracks we’re loving right NOW! We shared it with the producers to help influence the mood of the show and it has inspired the tunes played throughout the series, and kept us rocking whilst we wrote our book.

This selection of tunes is a heady mix of spirited Blues, Soul and timeless Rock and Roll. So BEAT IT, MIX IT, STIR IT UP, SHAKE IT, till your mojo’s working and your baps are baked. Real bread is on the rise, and you knead to make sure your listening to this ‘HOT tunes from the #bakerbrothers oven‘ playlist, whatever your cooking.