Playlists to cheer up during the Blue Mood Month

SANE has teamed up with Spotify and Feeling Gloomy to help lift everyone’s mood in January with the power of music.

We want you to make a playlist or album of your favourite “sad songs that make you happy” i.e. songs that might have dark lyrics or mood but in fact cheer you up.

Just choose some cheer-up songs and create a Blue Mood Month playlist on Spotify. Please share it with us on Facebook and Twitter (#BlueMoodMonth hastag) and encourage friends and family to get involved as well.

Our friends at SANE and Feeling Gloomy have asked lots of lovely celebs for their favourite ‘sad songs that make you happy’ in support of Blue Mood Month. These playlists will inspire people of all ages to cheer up!

Check out these playlists here.