What you share and how to control it

Spotify is all about sharing and discovering new music. It’s entirely up to you what you decide to share and what you keep private.

To control your sharing settings, just go to your Spotify Preferences. Here you’ll see an ‘Activity Sharing’ section. To share the music you listen to with Facebook, make sure the box is checked. If you’d rather not share, just uncheck the box. It’s that simple.

Who can see my music?

Your public playlists can be seen by all your friends.

Your “Top artists” and “Top tracks” are also visible. If you want to remove a playlist from your public library, click on your own name at the top of the People list, select “Edit” and then turn off the playlist you don’t want people to see.

If you only want to share a playlist with a specific person, just click on the share button on the playlist view and choose the Spotify people tab.

Share Playlist

To save yourself time, you can choose to automatically publish all your new playlists, or none of them. Just go to your Spotify Preferences and tick the box in your Profile section.

Update: Many of our users have told us that they like to share what they’re listening to, but also want an easy way to hide their occasional guilty pleasures. So we’ve now added a new ‘Private Session’ mode to our latest update.

You can turn it on from the Spotify menu and it will stop sharing what you’re listening to until the next time you log in.