Discover with SoundHound. Play on Spotify.

We’re delighted to let you know that Spotify is now available for SoundHound’s apps on iPhone, iPod touch and Android in Europe.

Just tap the new “Play Now in Spotify” feature to go direct from Soundhound to our Spotify Mobile apps where Spotify Premium subscribers can immediately listen to the full track and explore more music from the tagged artist.

One of SoundHound’s feature that we just love is that you can hum or sing a song into your phone and they’ll identify it for you. So get your best singing voice ready and download SoundHound now.

A selection of this week’s hottest music news

Starting today Spotify will give you the latest and hottest music news right here on our blog. New releases, exclusive playlists and more will be posted every week – watch this space!

This week’s news include:

  • Following on from her multi-million selling, multi-award winning, global smash of a debut album Lungs, Florence returns with the new single What The Water Gave Me, available to listen on Spotify now. Also, stay tuned for more information about the forthcoming, as yet untitled album.
  • Earlier this month our friends over at [PIAS] had their distribution warehouse burnt down in the London riots. PIAS is home to some of the world’s leading independent artists and labels so be sure to give their great indie artists a listen – check them out here!
  • We also have three great artists who are all nominated for the Mercury Music awards.

  • King Creosote and John Hopkins with an Spotify exclusive track “Aurora Boring Alias” here!
  • Anna Calvi with some exclusive live tracks here.
  • Also check out this personal Katy B playlist where she lists some of her playlists and what she’s listening to right now. You’ll find it here!