CSS La Liberacion – Exclusive Pre-Release for Spotify Premium

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you’re at a festival. What do you see around you? Badly constructed tents caked with mud, greedy mits spilling-over with goblets of pear cider, flustered looking dinner ladies serving what’s purporting to be a lamb burger. Check, check, check. But something’s missing.

And that thing is CSS. Yes the five headed, Sao Paulo art-pop masters embodied the joyful, free spirit of festivals ever since their 2006 debut. Armed with day-glo cat-suits, judicious amounts of glitter and two albums (Cansei der Ser Sexy and 2008’s Donkey) that were filled with such four-to-the-floor bounders like Move, Alala and of course Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above.

Luckily the band are officially back with their third offering La Liberacion available to listen to now exclusively for Spotify Premium users. The full-length album, the band’s third, is a true melding of their debut’s riotous anarchy and Donkeys grungey maturity. This single is bubbling over with some serious pop nouse, something the band have always had in bucketloads but now feel newly empowered to express it fully and freely.

Lovefoxxx attributes their new zest for songwriting to being relaxed and at home “Being in São Paulo helped a whole lot. I don’t like being a foreigner for too long. I was in love with my life. Feeling energetic. I was feeling inspired and happy.”

Check the album out here and tell us what you think of it to be in with a chance to see the band perform live in the UK plus some new merch.