Update to Spotify for iPhone & iPod Touch now available – playlist folders arrive!

We have an update to our popular iOS app to let you know about. This update is version 0.4.14 and includes a number of improvements and features, including playlist folders. So if you’ve sorted your long lists of playlists into folders on your computer, you can now finally experience organizational bliss on your iPhone and iPod Touch as well!

The full list of improvements and features includes:

  • New: Support for playlist folders.
  • Fixed: Playlist name is no longer truncated when a playlist is loaded.
  • Fixed: Opening links when the app is not open has been improved.
  • Changed: Shuffle behaviour. Shuffle is now only turned off when you play from a new list if it was implicitly turned on by ‘Shuffle play’.
  • Fixed: Some songs incorrectly ended a second early. This has been fixed.

Enjoy the update!