Update to Spotify for iPhone & iPod Touch now available

We have an update to our popular iOS app to let you know about. This update is version 0.4.13 and includes a number of improvements and features, including a brand new swipe action.

The full list of improvements and features includes:

  • Improved: Sync your playlists even if Spotify is running in the background.
  • New: Play queue. Queued tracks will play immediately following the currently playing track. After all the queued tracks have played, the playlist or album you were playing from before will resume.
  • New: You can now swipe left-to-right on a track (in a playlist, album or search result) to reveal a menu of actions for that track. [iOS 3.2 or newer] The possible actions are:
    • Star or unstar the track.
    • Add the track to the play queue.
    • Share the track to friends.
    • Add the track to a playlist.
    • Show the track’s album.
    • Show the track’s artist.
  • Fixed: Sharing tracks and albums to Facebook is now possible again.

Enjoy the update!