Spotify Premium – Explosions In The Sky’s Take Care Take Care Take Care

What took Explosions In The Sky so long between albums? It’s a fair question.

One of them got married. One of them has had two kids since the last album. One of them has had panic attacks.

They made at least 50 demos, and that’s probably a conservative estimate. And ended up with six songs.

All of the songs came from the demos that they had worked on in the previous three years, demos that they had gone away from, and then come back to, and then expanded.

In september of 2010, they drove out to a studio called sonic ranch, 20 miles east of el paso. They spent almost two weeks out there with their friend John Congleton, who recorded the album. It is a pretty great place, with five studios and a pet raccoon on a huge pecan ranch. When that was finished, they went back home to Austin and mixed the album at a studio called public hi-fi. And finally they mastered the album in New York City with Greg Calbi. They are pretty ecstatic with how it turned out.

The album is called “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care” and even though that title sounds like a sign-off from us, it is far from it. Listen NOW on Spotify Premium!


  1. Why is the last song, “Let Me Back In”, not included in the UK?? In fact, there are a LOT of songs over 10 minutes that are not available. What gives?

  2. In Spain happens exactly the same. “Let Me Back In”, “It’s Natural To Be Afraid” and “The Only Moment We Were Alone” are not available

  3. Bit of a joke that one song out of only six is missing. It’s not really the full album then.