Win Spotify Premium with Lucozade Energy

We’re delighted to be working with Lucozade Energy to offer users a chance to win one of the thousands of Spotify Premium codes.

Head to the shops now and pick up a Spotify-branded Lucozade Energy drink, flip the cap and then enter the code on the contest page to see if you’ve won six glorious months of Spotify Premium.

But that’s not all. Lucozade Energy is giving music lovers the chance to access exclusive content from big-name artists, kicking off with Tinchy Stryder this week. Behind the scenes videos and exclusive tracks are all there for the taking, as well as opportunities to win signed merchandise.

Check out the website for more details and watch out for their next exclusive on Monday 11th April.

Tinchy Stryder’s Lucozade exclusives including new track ‘Oh No’ and Roll Deep remix of ‘In My System’.


  1. Its cool that Spotify are working with Lucozade, MY ONLY PROBLEM IS, the codes im typing in to enter, are all coming back as ”in valid” I have an account with Spotify, & love it, im entering for my girlfriend, (cuz I cant get her off my account once shez on it :D)

  2. Just to clarify – how long does the premium sub last for? 1 Month? 12? 🙂

  3. I love Spotify, but this would be good if the best before date and spotify code was not half rubbed off on all bottles i buy,