New York Dolls release their fifth full length album

New York Dolls will be releasing their fifth full length album on 14th March 2011 but Spotify Premium subscribers can already listen to “Dancing Backward In High Heels“. New York Dolls originally formed in 1971, the New York Dolls are best known for influencing a generation of artists in New York and London who went on to form the first punk rock and heavy metal bands. Largely influenced themselves by the rock and roll of the Rolling Stones and the Stooges as well as the glam rock made by David Bowie and T. Rex, the legendary original Dolls line-up only recorded two ground-breaking, seminal albums, New York Dolls and Too Much Too Soon, before disbanding in 1976.

After reuniting in 2004 (at the behest of Morrissey, the head of the band’s UK fan club in the 1970s), the band went on to record a pair of critically acclaimed records—2006’s One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This and 2009’s ‘Cause I Sez So.


  1. congratulations best thing whats happened just hope you get stronger and stronger