IMPALA European Independent Album of the Year Award

The new European Independent Album of the Year Award is a Mercury-style award which celebrates the musical talent and diversity of independent European releases, aiming to promote exceptional artists and the independent sector alike.

The winner is selected, regardless of sales figures and publicity, from a shortlist which is compiled based on a national and non-national album nominations from European territories. A jury of Impala board members choose the winner based on musical merit alone. The criteria for nominations and the selection process may well evolve with the progression of the award.

The nominated albums for the 2010 edition of the award are listed here, along with the label and nationality. The winner will be announced 28th February in Brussels.

To support the award we’ve teamed up with IMPALA to make a playlist so you can judge for yourselves in advance of the big day.


  1. over 4 months since you announced Windows Phone 7 support and still nothing. I changed phones because of this.

    Lots of press about how easy it is to develop for WP7 and that ttm is about 1/3 compared to android/iphone make me think you would have a phone out by new year.

    Dissapointed to say the least :/

  2. @egodous Sorry, but programming Spotify on various platform is anything else than making a mashup app for a web site. Spotify as software is based on pure c++ due to it’s special concern with encryption and fast streaming, making it difficult to roll it out on new platform. And yes, It probably very easy to learn and make an simple app in a few nights for a mainstream web site, with articles and so, but developing Spotify is much more of that. I believe Spotify already are working on Windows phone 7 os but keep quite because they aren’t sure when it will be ready and won’t have people asking about an release date. I’m sure Spotify is working with that.