Spotify Premium – TRAX Records playlist & exclusive album

TRAX Records is one of the cornerstones of house music history. The house explosion in Chicago was led by two main players: Trax and DJ International and, arguably, it’s Trax that led the field. Check the catalogue: Mr Fingers, Jungle Wonz, DJ Pierre, Phuture, Frankie Knuckles, Ralphi Rosario, Jamie Principle, Virgo, Adonis, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Joey Beltram. In fact, there is almost no-one who didn’t record for Trax during its halcyon era in the late ‘80s.

Harmless Records & Demon Digital celebrate 25 years of TRAX Records with a host of releases… Demon Digital are releasing over 80 Digital Singles in their original 12” single and EP formats digitally for the first time. That’s 392 classic tracks from the legendary Chicago house label! Rare TRAX artist albums are also released digitally for the first time.

The special Spotify TRAX Records Playlist is a selection of TRAX Records combines some of the most in-demand tracks, re-edits as well as rarities from the deep TRAX catalogue.

The exclusive album The TRAX that House Built II only available on Spotify is a well loved compilation originally released in 1996 and is now deleted in physical format and highly sought after.