Spotify Premium – The Streets final album, Computers and Blues

With his 2002 debut of Original Pirated Material Mike Skinner broke onto the British rap scene and taught us that the things a UK MC might have to say actually mattered more than how much they did or didn’t owe their transatlantic source material.  

After four smash hit albums it was announced that the fifth album, Computers and Blues, would be the final one for The Streets. Computers and Blues crams everything Mike Skinner has learnt in the course of his very personal five album odyssey into a package as irresistibly box-fresh as his game-changing 2002 debut Original Pirate Material.  In the course of this infectiously upbeat, tune-packed finale, the sound of The Streets goes back to basics at the same time as expanding in all directions.

The album is officially released next week but Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK can check out the album in full from today, enjoy!


  1. Honestly, listened to the first four tracks and was robbed of thirteen minutes of my life. Original Pirate Material is a class album, this is quite frankly poo.