Spotify Premium – Oh Land’s debut EP

Danish singer/songwriter Oh Land releases her exclusive EP for Spotify Premium listeners today. The EP presents both rich and moving songs, inviting the listener to step to the edge of the rabbit hole and plummet.

The EP includes three tracks that represent Oh Land’s beautiful uniqueness. The first track “Wolf & I” works as both a trippy, heart-stirring ballad as well as a “modern fable about doubt and fear”. The jungle drumming and layered vocals of “White Nights” evokes a quest to find peace and a sense of home in the chaos of a city that never sleeps. The third track “Sun of a Gun” talks about the duality of Oh Land’s nature – being torn between nature and the big city.

“…she’s an absolute vision on stage… Believe me when I say you’ll want to check this artist out.” –, October 19, 2010. Following the recent hype about Oh Land, she will perform live at various UK festivals this summer, along with releasing her album. Visit for more information.


  1. Cool! But, it says that since I’m from Norway I can’t listen to the tracks (I’m a Premium user).

  2. Same here. I live in the netherlands, am a premium user, but can’t listen to the EP (“this track is currently not available in the Netherlands”)

  3. Just a general suggestion – not sure where else to put it…

    Please allow us to toggle our preferences to search for Premium/Unavailable in your country tracks.

    Why? Because I regularly update a UK Top 40 chart playlist for others to use, but don’t have Premium. I’d like to be able to add those kinds of restricted tracks to that playlist for other people’s enjoyment, even though I can’t listen to them.

    My UK Top 40 Playlist:

  4. When does Oh land come to the rest of the world of Spotify? I really dislike this.