Exclusive Chapel Club EP and Palace pre-release

Since signing to Loog Records in early 2010 Chapel Club have had a productive twelve months. They have continued to wrestle plaudits from critics and the public alike with some truly wonderful live shows and along the way have released snippets of what’s to come in the way of limited edition tracks, recording their debut album with Paul Epworth and recently hitting the road on the NME Radar tour. It looks likely that 2011 will almost certainly see a band that will be hard to ignore.

Chapel Club’s debut album Palace is out January 31st but you can listen to an exclusive selection of songs from the album or sign up to Spotify Premium to listen to the whole album now.


  1. The full album doesn’t load correctly for me in the UK. Many tracks (e.g. Depths) say “The artist/label has chosen to make this track unavailable”.

  2. Yep, seems to be happening more and more these days…tons of tracks withdrawn, whole albums withdrawn, random tracks taken out of albums…what gives?

  3. Same here guys, I was well excited! I signed up to Premium for things like this and I can’t listen 😦

  4. Not a word about this? Even though it’s sitting on the UK blog and says it’s available now, which is untrue? Boy am I glad my Premium subscription expires this week.

  5. My apologies, it looks like something has gone wrong and this album was only briefly up and is now unplayable. We’re looking into how quickly we can get it back.