Spotify Premium – Only One Flo [Part 1]

Flo Rida’s 2009 album R.O.O.T.S was one of last years top selling albums with smash hits such as Right Round and Sugar leading the top of the charts.

Starting today Premium listeners can check out the first half of his new double album, Only One Flo [Part 1]. The album features hits such as Club Can’t Handle Me and Turn Around which are bound to keep the dance floors packed this winter.


  1. I hope spotify read this comment as i am unable to email as i simply cant find anyway to do this. I recently updated to premium and i have had no satisfaction in anyway. I continuosley get errors within seconds of connection, i have tried to buy 3 tracks for which i have been charged but have not recieved. The money tends to leave my account with ease for tracks also subscription fee. I have done everything possible to rectify the cause which spotify have suggested to no avail, so here goes. The truth as i see it…Spotify is the biggest load of tosh ever and after canceling my subscription I hope that no more money leaves my account and to those who founded spotify i suggest you stop taking money for something you cannot deliver