Get Ready For A Duffy Spotify Exclusive!

Duffy is back and on November 29th her eagerly anticipated album ‘Endlessly’ will be yours to enjoy. We love to bring our premium users special exclusive content, so to celebrate Duffy’s new album we have 4 live exclusive tracks. Featuring acoustic never before heard versions of Well Well Well, Mercy, Endlessly and Don’t Forsake Me.

Duffy’s new album ‘Endlessly’ was recorded in New York, London and Spain and was co-written and co-produced by Duffy and the legendary Albert Hammond. It represents the next thrilling chapter in Duffy’s life and clearly establishes her as one of the biggest superstars today.

If you are a free user, click here to listen to her first album, or click here to listen to the Duffy exclusive today!


  1. Can’t help but notice that a band called ‘Scruffy Duffy’ appear on Duffy’s page!! Not connected!

  2. Email from the Duffy publicity machine says:

    “Premium Spotify subscribers can check out ‘Endlessly’ exclusively in full – Sign up now and feast your ears.”

    Er…no, Premium subscribers cannot because it still is not listed (29th November, mid-afternoon). So those one or two who may have been tempted to sign-up on this basis will be a little disappointed!

  3. On the subject of Welsh Music, can someone from the Spotify office please please sort out the following:

    I’ve got this cd at home, and it is NOT full of Latin music! Completely the wrong CD – mismatched tags. Can you take a look at it please?

  4. Cannot listen to it, Spotify says cannot play the track, both on iPhone and my Mac, even after synching it offline 😦

  5. Same as above! Not playing new Duffy album even when saved offline! And what is up with ‘scruffy duffy’!?

  6. Dec 1st The New Album is listed but the tracks wont play – is that what makes it exclusive? Is there something you’re not telling me?

  7. And you still can’t listen today either. Anyone had a response yet as to the reason why ?

  8. When one is bilingual of mixed Franco-British origin and one LOVES Duffy, it is a damned BIND not to be allowed to access these tracks. Come-on folks, Spotify & record companies get your acts together!!