Hyperdub now available on Spotify

Hyperdub is a London based label that was founded in 2004 by DJ and Producer Kode9 after fermenting as a webzine that emerged in 2001. The label’s first release was a weird beatless version of Prince’s ‘Sign o’ the times’ by Kode9 and mc/poet Spaceape, suffused with spine-chilling dread, at a point when dubstep was still just a dark glint in UK garage’s eye.

Since its inception then, and as laid out clearly by the 2009 5 years of Hyperdub compilation ‘5’, the Hyperdub virus has remained under constant mutation, spraying out in several musical directions, from Burial’s haunted and melancholy mutation of 2-step, to Ikonika’s crying synths to King Midas Sound’s evolved, cinematic take on Lover’s Rock. Hyperdub stands out as a label for not following the crowd or going the easy route. Kode 9’s track ‘Black Sun’ created a dissonant template that’s now filtered through hundreds of other’s productions, and the label has constantly sought new ways to listen and respond to music on the dance floor, from Quarta 330’s Chip-beats, Zomby’s early releases, Darkstar’s early vocoder garage, (now evolved into to a live band with an arresting debut album ‘North’), Cooly G and DVA’s inspired takes on UK funky, Terror Danjah’s Afro-botic Grime and LV’s shifting reggae and kwaito variations.

Kode9, renowned DJ and owner of the Hyperdub label, has put together a playlist to celebrate Hyperdub being available on Spotify.

Hyperdub are also giving away a collection of records to one lucky Spotify Premium user. To enter the competition simply subscribe to the Hyperdub playlist.


  1. actually, they’re not “now on spotify”, but back on spotify after having previously disappeared for long months 🙂
    Good news anyway, I compiled all Hyperdub releases & removed dupes between eps & albums on that playlist :