Spotify Premium – Daft Punk’s Tron:Legacy exclusive

On December 6th Daft Punk release their first new album since 2005, the soundtrack to the upcoming movie Tron: Legacy. The electronic duo worked for over a year and a half on the colossal project of scoring the sequel to the 1982 classic film.

This is the first film score composed by the group and starting today Premium listeners can check out an exclusive five-track sampler of the album, available only on Spotify! Also be sure to check out the trailer below featuring their music, enjoy.

Update: The full album is now available for Premium listeners.

Get Ready For A Duffy Spotify Exclusive!

Duffy is back and on November 29th her eagerly anticipated album ‘Endlessly’ will be yours to enjoy. We love to bring our premium users special exclusive content, so to celebrate Duffy’s new album we have 4 live exclusive tracks. Featuring acoustic never before heard versions of Well Well Well, Mercy, Endlessly and Don’t Forsake Me.

Duffy’s new album ‘Endlessly’ was recorded in New York, London and Spain and was co-written and co-produced by Duffy and the legendary Albert Hammond. It represents the next thrilling chapter in Duffy’s life and clearly establishes her as one of the biggest superstars today.

If you are a free user, click here to listen to her first album, or click here to listen to the Duffy exclusive today!

Spotify Premium – My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days

New Jersey rockers, My Chemical Romance, return after conquering the globe with their platinum-selling third album, The Black Parade.

The new album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, is the album My Chemical Romance have been building towards their entire, nearly decade long career. From soaring sentiment (“The Only Hope for Me is You”) to bare-knuckled brawling in the streets (“DESTROYA”) it defies lazy labels and demolishes expectations.

Spotify Premium listeners can check out the entire album from today, or check out the free sampler.

Spotify Premium – Guetta’s One More Love

One year after the release of ‘One Love’, with 2 million albums and more than 10 million singles sold worldwide David Guetta, DJ/producer/artist extraordinaire, brings you a collection of his biggest hits so far in a special 2 CD edition titled ‘One More Love’. With 28 tracks for the price of 1 CD It’s the perfect album to help your party go with a bang this Christmas.

One More Love’ is a deluxe package that includes 4 UK #1 Singles; ‘when love takes over’, ‘sexy bitch’, ‘Getting Over You’ and ‘Love Don’t Let Me Go’.

You can check out an exclusive sampler of ‘One More Love‘ right now on Spotify, or upgrade to premium to hear the whole album in full.

Jamie Woon’s debut single, Night Air

Jamie Woon is a special talent who will carve his blues n’ bass infused pop songs into your brain and leave them there forever. You might not have heard of him yet, unless you’ve been tapped into the eerie, soulful end of dubstep, but it’s a name you will be hearing a lot of in the coming 12 months. Written and produced by Woon, Night Air is as dark, sweet and seductive as molasses, an irresistibly understated combination of Jamie’s uniquely supple voice, his subtly compulsive beats and a sky full of atmosphere.

Jamie has also given Spotify Premium listeners an exclusive track, ‘Spiral’ and has created a special playlist which you can subscribe to.

Spotify Premium – Rihanna is back with a bang!

Spotify Premium subscribers can now listen to Rihanna’s incredible new album “Loud”, featuring the phenomenal debut smash single “Only Girl (In The World)”. It also contains part 2 of “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Eminem and “What’s My Name” featuring Drake. We also have a sampler of the album available for all users.

After this world-class megastar wrapped up the final show of her sold-out tour “Last Girl On Earth” in Chicago, she turned her attention to her brand new fifth studio album on Def Jam Recordings. Loud is packed with up-tempo dance grooves ready for you to dance your socks off to today on Spotify, so crank up the volume and get LOUD!

Hyperdub now available on Spotify

Hyperdub is a London based label that was founded in 2004 by DJ and Producer Kode9 after fermenting as a webzine that emerged in 2001. The label’s first release was a weird beatless version of Prince’s ‘Sign o’ the times’ by Kode9 and mc/poet Spaceape, suffused with spine-chilling dread, at a point when dubstep was still just a dark glint in UK garage’s eye.

Since its inception then, and as laid out clearly by the 2009 5 years of Hyperdub compilation ‘5’, the Hyperdub virus has remained under constant mutation, spraying out in several musical directions, from Burial’s haunted and melancholy mutation of 2-step, to Ikonika’s crying synths to King Midas Sound’s evolved, cinematic take on Lover’s Rock. Hyperdub stands out as a label for not following the crowd or going the easy route. Kode 9’s track ‘Black Sun’ created a dissonant template that’s now filtered through hundreds of other’s productions, and the label has constantly sought new ways to listen and respond to music on the dance floor, from Quarta 330’s Chip-beats, Zomby’s early releases, Darkstar’s early vocoder garage, (now evolved into to a live band with an arresting debut album ‘North’), Cooly G and DVA’s inspired takes on UK funky, Terror Danjah’s Afro-botic Grime and LV’s shifting reggae and kwaito variations.

Kode9, renowned DJ and owner of the Hyperdub label, has put together a playlist to celebrate Hyperdub being available on Spotify.

Hyperdub are also giving away a collection of records to one lucky Spotify Premium user. To enter the competition simply subscribe to the Hyperdub playlist.

A selection of playlists for November

The newly relaunched is back with another installment of their monthly playlists.

U.S. No.1’s: Billboard Hot 100

This remarkable playlist by legendary SMP user, Lasse Nordgren, charts the entire history of the Billboard Hot 100 from its very first number one in 1958 (Poor Little Fool by Ricky Nelson fact fans) all the way through to its current ascendant, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. We were so impressed by this playlist we dedicated an entire blog post to it, which you can read herehere.

John Lennon – finally

One of the most iconic musicians of all time has finally landed on Spotify. This year marks what would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday and this playlist celebrates his career masterfully with such timeless classics as Working Class Hero, Jealous Guy and Imagine to name but a few.

K-West Beats

If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Kanye West’s latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which is out November 22, then this playlist will be right up your street. Featuring everything from Kayne’s production skills to vocal talents, this is must for all hip-hop fans.


Spotify Premium – I Blame Coco’s debut The Constant

After festival-packed year, rising star I Blame Coco releases her debut album The Constant this week. An all-new breed of stunning synth pop thoroughbred, Coco Sumner might have gigantic choruses and a host of eighties influenced keyboard sounds at her fingertips, but there’s buckets of honest grit and acres of earnest emotion under her music’s layers of silky, sonic glamour.

Referencing the Human League, Kraftwerk, Kate Bush and the Psychedelic Furs as well as one of her contemporary favourites, The Killers, to Coco – born in 1991 – these vintage sounds were both alien and transgressive. The thought of that kind of music humming from the generic programming of popular radio excited her. Her producers – Robyn collaborator Klas Ahlund and Dan Foat, who is half of uber-hip DJ outfit Wild Geese – agreed.

You can check out a sampler of the The Constant right now on Spotify or upgrade to Premium to hear the whole album in full.

Spotify Premium – James Blunt’s Some Kind of Trouble

James Blunt will be releasing his exciting new album, ‘Some Kind of Trouble‘ on November 8th, and Spotify users can hear it first, only on Spotify Premium.

Blunt’s first album, “Back to Bedlam” catapulted him into worldwide superstardom on the strength of such massive songs as “You’re Beautiful,” “High” and “Goodbye My Lover.”

His second album, 2007’s “All the Lost Souls” debuted at No. 1 in 10 countries, selling nearly 5 million copies globally and featuring such hits as “1973,” ”Same Mistake” and “Carry You Home.” He has received numerous awards and accolades including two Brit Awards, two World Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, an MTV European Music Award and five Grammy nomination.

The new album is delightfully upbeat and uncynical. “It captures a bit of the mood of the early ‘80s. There was a global atmosphere in the West that we could do anything – the same optimism we felt as teenagers,” says Blunt,. ‘Some Kind of Trouble’ really captures that same sense of freedom and excitement and naivety.”