Spotify is now available on your Sonos wireless music system

This morning our friends at Sonos, the wireless music system experts, released an update to their software which includes the much-anticipated Spotify integration that we announced earlier this month. This means that the entire Spotify catalogue, including all your playlists, can now be heard through any Sonos system!

If you’re an existing Sonos user all you need to do is to get Spotify Premium to access our entire catalogue in any room of your home. If you’re an existing Spotify Premium user and considering fixing up your pad with a superb wireless multi-room audio solution, Sonos has a variety of superb music players to choose from. You can check out their web store for more information.

Also be sure to check out the video below to see how seamlessly Spotify works with the Sonos wireless music system.

Note: Spotify is temporarily unavailable from the Sonos iPhone Controller until an update is published on the App store. The Sonos App is currently pending approval.


  1. I don’t need my music on the go (mobile). I just want streaming music to my Sonos system but Spotify ends up being twice the price of Napster for this same capability. Unless this changes I will not be changing over to Spotify.

  2. I’ve got Spotify premium and have just registered my account with my Sonos speakers but like another poster above it doesn’t seem to ‘talk’ to my Sonos system and I can’t see any of my playlists via Sonos. I’m abroad working in Asia for next couple of months and took my Sonos with me. Spotify if you are listening is this normal? Sonos told me it should work fine but it doesn’t.

  3. @andrew_masters – is your sonos properly set to be registered in one of our launch countries? Do you get any sort of error message? We haven’t tested from Asia but it should work still.

  4. @andres thanks for responding. I checked my Sonos profile and it is set to GB and all my products are registered. When trying to view my Spotify playlists on the Sonos I get the error message “Spotify may be experiencing temporary performance interruptions”. When using the search function I get the error message “no results found please try again” when I tried a search for U2 so basically none of the Spotify content is available rather than it being just a performance issue. let me know what you think. I did call Sonos and submitted my system diagnostics to them and they said it looked fine and that Spotify should work once performance issues are resolved but I thought they already had been and I still can’t access the Spotify content. My Spotify premium account works fine at home or abroad by the way on my Mac via the native Spotify app.

  5. same for me… my sonos system is regsitered to the UK… but cannot work with Spotify in my house in Austria. I can play Spotify OK on my PC, laptop and I-touch. I could “hardwire” it, but it just will not let me stream wirelessly through my house.

  6. After using both Napster and Spotify on my Sonos system there is no doubt that the sound quality of Spotify is vastly superior. However I do wish you would take a leaf out of Napster’s GUI and incorporate library, What’s New, Top 100, and genres into your software. It’s the only thing currently stopping me from discontinuing Napster, along with no Oasis etc on your database. Mind you, the sound quality of most of their albums was always rubbish!
    If Napster increase their bitrate to the same level, where will that leave you? The future of music without a doubt is high quality streaming into the home and there are a lot of people (myself included) who just aren’t interested in streaming on their mobiles.