Spotify Premium UK – exclusive new Klaxons album

Klaxons new album ‘Surfing The Void’ is released on 23rd August and the band have hooked up with Spotify to offer Premium subscribers a global-exclusive first listen from this Friday, 20th August.

Most ‘long awaited’ second albums tend to be doused in tribulation and tragedy – drug addictions, breakdowns, in-fighting, reclusiveness or just plain old writer’s block. Not Klaxons’ ‘Surfing The Void’. The wild and winding road that led them from 2007’s ‘Myths Of The Near Future’ to a comeback so spectacular it makes Avatar look like The One Show takes in UFO sightings, shamanic rituals, two scrapped albums and a rotten apple-cum-svengali named Mr Tabernacle. It’s one of rock’s most incredible stories and it elevates Klaxons from one-time scene pioneers to bona fide rock’n’roll legends.

Upgrade to Spotify Premium now to hear the groundbreaking new album and check out their great live video below.


  1. Working fine on mine and I’ve left Spotify logged in for the past few days 🙂

  2. The album just went live – it can take a few minutes before it’s available for all of you but it’ll be there shortly. Restart may help.

  3. Can’t get it here either, am definitely premium and have restarted desktop client.

  4. Nothing for me either.
    Though is showing some weird Accordeon Millenium album.
    C’mon Spotify, get it right.

  5. Always the same with these guys – constant excuses and delays for an obviously outdated network which is straining under the load. You should see how long the most popular feature request on the support forum – gapless playback – has gone unfulfilled (years) whilst they rush ahead with unwanted features like profiles and wannabe social network features. Laughable really and am getting fed up.

  6. Restarted, still could not listen to anything other than the single.
    Logged off and then back in, it had unlocked. Curious and buggy behaviour.

  7. OK now working on iPhone.
    Weird how some people in UK had it and some did not.

  8. odd behaviour with this even now – I can play it through searching for klaxons, but can’t go to the album playlist itself.