Spotify Premium UK – exclusive new Klaxons album

Klaxons new album ‘Surfing The Void’ is released on 23rd August and the band have hooked up with Spotify to offer Premium subscribers a global-exclusive first listen from this Friday, 20th August.

Most ‘long awaited’ second albums tend to be doused in tribulation and tragedy – drug addictions, breakdowns, in-fighting, reclusiveness or just plain old writer’s block. Not Klaxons’ ‘Surfing The Void’. The wild and winding road that led them from 2007’s ‘Myths Of The Near Future’ to a comeback so spectacular it makes Avatar look like The One Show takes in UFO sightings, shamanic rituals, two scrapped albums and a rotten apple-cum-svengali named Mr Tabernacle. It’s one of rock’s most incredible stories and it elevates Klaxons from one-time scene pioneers to bona fide rock’n’roll legends.

Upgrade to Spotify Premium now to hear the groundbreaking new album and check out their great live video below.