Spotify Premium – The Hoosiers are back!

How to describe Anglo-Scandinavian pop rock combo The Hoosiers? The band themselves once labelled their sound as “odd pop” while others have called them in turn “fizzy” and “gloriously nonsensical”.

A breath of fresh air when they first stormed the charts three years ago with hits including ‘Worried about Ray‘ and ‘Goodbye Mr A‘, The Hoosiers are back in a big way with the launch of their new album ‘The Illusion of Safety‘ on August 16th. Premium users in the UK won’t have to wait another minute to check out their new sound, however, with the new album available to Spotify subscribers a full week before release!

Out are the skippy beats, perky melodies, lashings of falsetto and nods to 70s soft rock that defined their previous record, and in come synths, dancefloor-friendly beats, a dash of Giorgio Moroder and triumphant, multi-tracked choruses that recall the pomp of the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Go West’.

You can also get a great insight into the music which inspired Irwin Sparkes’ (lead vocals, lead guitar), Martin Skarendahl’s (bass guitar, rhythm guitar), and Alfonso Sharland’s (drums, percussion) latest album, by checking out a special playlist they put together for us.

Additionally, the boys have been kind enough to record an exclusive Spotify Live Session for our Premium users, including hits both old and new. We like!


  1. Awesome for getting the album first, it’s just a shame that it’s not as good as their first. Maybe it’ll take a while to grow on me but I’m not really liking their new sound :/

    Thanks for the exclusive though!

  2. Brilliant, loving the album already! THe live sessions are great too!
    Another great reason to pay for Spotify Premium!

  3. Brilliant, loving the album already! THe live sessions are great too!
    Another reason why Spotify is the best music streaming service around!

  4. Amazing! Really enjoying this album, one of the only albums I’ve enjoyed this year.

  5. Not available in France..

    are we damned ? .. (it’s frustrated.. to pay the same amount of money.. to have things that are different..