3OH!3’s streets are lined with gold

Colorado electronic duo Sean Foreman and Nathaniel ‘Nat’ Motte, better known as 3OH!3, have been hard at work putting together the follow-up to their 2008 album, Want.

Streets of Gold’ is the second album from the band, who have already sold more than 600,000 singles in the UK. Their second single ‘Starstrukk’ (feat. Katy Perry) spent 10 weeks on the top ten and has sold over 500,000 copies.

Spotify Premium listeners can also check out the extended version of the album with additional tracks featuring Ke$ha.


  1. I have to say honestly that DONTRUSTME is an exceptional song but the rest is nowhere near as good.. 😦

  2. Extended version with Ke$ha:
    This track is currently not available in Sweden.. 😦
    And I have Premium.

  3. I find it ironic that 3OH3! have done a deal to get their new album on Spotify as a Premium exclusive and didn’t have the foresight to get WANT back on there, it doesn’t even say “Not available in the UK”, just says “Not available”!