Spotify UK – Monarchy app

Monarchy continue to break new ground and are today giving Spotify’s users exclusive access to a new track contained within their augmented reality iPhone app. Download the Monarchy app from the App Store, then visit the Spotify homepage (or download the app and take a close up picture of the image posted here from the Vault) between now and Sunday to access the Tim Goldsworthy remix of the band’s forthcoming single Love Get Out Of My Way.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also sample 4 tracks from the band’s highly anticipated album (or 5 tracks if you’re a Spotify Premium user!).

For more about Monarchy, visit


  1. This blog post has a video which automatically starts playing – a definite no no. It took me a while to find where the music was coming from.

  2. It’s hardly hidden is it, it’s right there in the middle of the page with a video and everything.

  3. jeg trenger en logisk forklaring jeg trenger help for det jeg vet ikke hvor jeg finner inv tingen sånn jeg kan få spotify evig

  4. i meen I need a logical explanation I need help for what I do not know where I can find inv thing so I can get Spotify forever