Spotify Premium UK – Lovebox festival VIP giveaway

Lovebox has quickly become one of the must-attend events on the summer festival circuit and takes place this year from the 16th-18th of July. Held annually in London’s oldest public park the festival was founded by DJs Groove Armada and continues to grow in size. Some of this year’s acts include the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Roxy Music, Paloma Faith, Grace Jones and many, many more.

As a special giveaway to Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK we’ve got a series of VIP tickets to hand out. In total we have ten pairs of two-day VIP tickets (valued at £150 each) and five pairs of three-day VIP tickets (valued at £180 each) up for grabs.

To enter to win – first ensure that your premium subscription is up to date, then create your ultimate festival playlist and submit it here on the blog along with a short reason why you want to attend. Entries must be submitted by this Friday, July 9th to be eligible.

Update: The winners have been picked and notified. Congrats to everyone who won!


  1. Because the only thing better than having the entire Spotify library at your fingertips is being amongst a sea of people having your favourit songs played for your live by your favourite artists.

  2. Because festivals are life beyond my phone and PC where you can meet others with the same interests and enjoy the tunes in full live glory.

  3. Because festivals should be about dancing, relaxing and surviving to want come back the next year. Lovebox has got all this going on. What says “hello summer” more than being in a London park and dancing as though your life depended on it. Not that my premium membership needs justifying, but this would be the icing on the cake…

  4. Yeasayer, Hot Chip, Joy Orbison, Laurel Collective, Empire Of The Sun, Wild Beasts, Cut Copy among many others are the reasons why I’d love to go. It’s all about the music!

    Oh, and Kitsune Maison’s showcase is VIP only – that would be lovely to see!

  5. I’ve gone for a festival shaped playlist. i.e. it starts out with the little bands playing some wonderful tunes before moving into the evening and having some anthemic sing along awesomeness. Just how any festival should be.

  6. Having missed out on this years Glasto and seeing how incredible the music was from the TV I think it’s now time to experience this years first festival, Lovebox which has come along way since the days when it started on Clapham Common and has now turned into a 3 day bonanza. With the weather in London finally perking up and resembling something of Summer, I’m hoping it will hold out for Lovebox. After all it will be best enjoyed with several ice cold ciders, singing along with thousands of others and making new friends on the way.

  7. This is my eclectic playlist of all the artists either I have seen in concert or my parents before me have as you can’t be everywhere but you can relive the magic and feel the love on the ultimate music box – Spotify 🙂

  8. I’d actually put together most of this playlist after missing out on two festivals already this year and had to get my fix of summer tunes! This could be my last chance this body is itching to dance, I just need a chance!

  9. I love music, I love London and I adore Spotify. Living in Newcastle and working all of the time its easy to loose touch of music and culture. I would love this opportunity to break out of the rat race and experience Music how it was meant to be enjoyed, Live and in the greatest city in the world.

  10. i’ve never been to england before and I missed hove in norway because I had to work 😦

    I also want to see england 🙂

  11. I would like to attend because Spotify is really good and that and the bands on show are also really amazing and stuff, omg yeah. Good luck, I mean, thanks.

  12. I love music so spotify is a dream for me. I have all the music i need in one place. I need premium to have the offline mode and i think spotif realy deserves it, giving uss a way to pay for the music we adore without paying for just a single song! London really is a dream for me, ive allways wanted to go to England so this is a great oppurtunity for me. Im a student/bartender so i wont afford it my self!

  13. I have also never been in England and i am having a boring holiday time at Helsinki Finland this year. I have been using Spotify premium almost since the beginning when the Finnish access was possible and have been hooked since. Everyday the spotify experience is giving me joy.. 😉 This is my daily spotify list which i have also in iPhone offline,

  14. Because I never have been at an festival like this and it will be a nice gift and happining to my wife:-)

  15. Just recovering from Glastonbury – hence my highlights playlist. I want to keep my festival vibe buzzing and create the ultimate 2010 festival Spotify playlist.

  16. Because I’ve already missed Beach Break & The Hop Farm this year, and relish a chance to go see Chase and Status, Kitsune Maison, Hot Chip, Dizzee and Roxy Music all at the same event! (+ It was my birthday a couple days ago 🙂 ) Anyway, I’ll let my playlist speak for itself, hopefully… Good luck everyone.

  17. I never had been in London before. it would be a great surprise to my wife and me if we won 2 tickets to this festival in London. So i would surprise my wife with a long great weekweekends in London too. She ( my Wife) is a big sweetheart and love music and trevelling around. Coz it would make her to be happy. and give her a big smile on her face.
    And good luck everone!

  18. I’ve always wanted to go to Lovebox, and I just know that it would be that much sweeter if I won the tickets with Spotify Premium!

    Nothing really says ‘Summer has Started!’ like nice big festival.. and in the heart of London, as well!

  19. I’ve created a playlist of my favourite artists playing at Lovebox (also just a couple that are associated with Lovebox) over the three days, hopefully it should start with a nice sunny afternoon feeling, moving onto evening fun…

    There’s no real reason why I should win it over someone else but I would definitely put the tickets to good use…

  20. I would like to win tickets for this event because I enjoy music, it’s a passion that anyone should be able to experience. :)I also haven’t been to a festival like this before..

  21. as it was called the ultimate festival playlist i went for dead and alive with bands that would make you think what if.

    Spotify is great but live music is better.

  22. I wasn’t able to get tickets for last year; which makes me even more eager to go this year! There are some mega artists I’ve been dying to see, and their all in one place waiting for ME.

  23. For me, there’s nothing better than jumping up and down, in the middle of a crowd, singing at the top of your lungs, with UV paint all over your face, sporting a grin from ear to ear. Festivals remind you what life’s all about. You can become best friends with a stranger and create memories to tell your grandkids. I’m still trying to figure out how to start some sort of tribe in the wilderness for people who want to live a lifelong festival, but for now, Lovebox tickets would keep that dream alive!!

  24. _Palmer’s Love Box with the the happiest dance, and headlined by the originators of happy dance, Primal Scream and Stone Roses!

    I went to the first Love Box, I would like to see how it is all going now.

  25. I want to go I want to go I want to go I want to go I want to go I WANT TO GO!!!! please 🙂

  26. just music that sounds great in the sunshine, would love to go to Lovebox, has an incredible line-up!

  27. Because music is what the summer’s all about, not the World Cup! A cold beer, warm sun and amazing music, what could be better?

    Here’s my playlist:

  28. Dancing, Beers, Cider, Friends, Deck Chairs, Sunshine, Sun Burn, Sun Cream (Probably in that order), Raincoats, Burgers, High Fives, New Music, Old Music, As Long As There’s Music, Fairground Rides, Dodgems, Sunset, London, Trailer Trash, Wet Yourself, Hands Up, Pre Party, After Party, Wait – Where The Heck Is The Party, Monday Morning Nap On My Desk, Good. Times. Let. Them. Roll!

  29. This is a very eclectic playlist from classics such as David Bowie, Pixies to dubstep with Nero and Diplo and to top it off with some deliciously chilled progressive house mixes provided by Kitsune. Variety is what sums up Lovebox, it is the perfect depiction of what summer is about chilling and the time for new sounds. I would love to be part of this as festivals like Glastonbury, are absolutely huge, and you never gain an intimate experience as I think you will get with some extraordinary acts performing this year at Lovebox.

    Thanks for the consideration 🙂

  30. Why I wanna attend ? Simple, because…

    It’s Chromee, it’s Chromee
    It’s Chromee o O o O o

  31. I am a student who is a drain on her parents’ finances and has to weigh up having fun or being able to eat, I bought premium specially for entering this competition, which means baked beans and toast for a week :(. I have never been to a festival before and have a friend coming to stay and would love to take her to see all of these amazing acts. My playlist is a mix of the almost unknown and well loved. I hope you enjoy it as I would love to be at the lovebox festival!

  32. What.A.Competition! Never been to Lovebox before, but would LOVE to get involved. I live in London, and am in the rat race. RELEASE ME! Everyday I walk to work, whether the sun is shining or snowing, I listen to this playlist. It puts me in a festival mood. It draws from influences both past and present, and is truly diverse in genres used. Even if I don’t get the tickets, I truly hope you enjoy the music I put together. Much love.


    PS: Is it me or are there lots of empty playlists here??

  33. This would be the very first festival i would attend. I was planning on going to Florence + the machines but she isn’t touring till next year. I am a big fan of spotify and use it almost every day. Here is my playlist;


  34. Some accoustic awesomeness begins, leading up to some good rock n roll, and ending with some prodgical genius!!

  35. Because I made it with friends and friends are what make festivals special.

  36. For me, being at a festival involves submerging yourself into the music so that the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and your forget all the distractions of your day-to-day life. Here I have tried to collate a playlist of live and acoustic performances that make me feel just like this:

  37. Because I’ve never been to a festival before and I’d love to see some great artists playing live while soaking up the party atmosphere! 🙂

  38. So, I had the most amazing time at Glastonbury….
    Please let me relive it, in a more glamorous location without the camping & mud
    Obviously LOVEBOX is the festival to be at this summer…
    Think of all the fab bands, music, drinking, dancing and sunshine!
    If I win these (pretty please)I will
    Fank you forever (and have a bloody good time)
    Yours, Deeply and Dancingly, Lululabella X

  39. Because music is magic and brings everyone into a mad swirl of energy where racis religion and looks don’t matter. Because music has the power to bring everyone together, because music can unite nations, because music is magic.

  40. I want to take my sister for a 30th she’ll never forget. We live a long way from each other but share the same love for music & humanity. What a great way to celebrate this all together.

  41. Here’s a playlist that is all about summer 2010, the tunes that keep me smiling all day and into the night, just as a music festival like the incomparable Lovebox would.

  42. Were flying to London for this festival all the way from Finland to have a special, last weekend, together with my girlfriend before I have to move to another country for a year. I’m hoping to get some unforgettable memories with the loved one so that distance don’t tear us apart. We want to go walking on a dream with Empire of the Sun, our favorite band, who refuses to visit us in Finland.

  43. Vicky Park, live music, sunshine and cold cider – a match made in heaven

  44. Because i want to chill out from working all year, listen to some amazing music, and have a cold beer in the sunwhile doing it, the way a british summer should be!