Introducing Spotify Open and Unlimited

A few weeks back we released the next generation of Spotify and today we’re excited to offer you even more ways to get the most out of Spotify with the introduction of Spotify Open and Spotify Unlimited.

First up is Spotify Unlimited, which offers you round-the-clock, ad-free access to Spotify on your computer. Create playlists, build your own library, share music with friends – and all for only €5 a month.

Also available from today is Spotify Open. Open offers new Spotify users the chance to try out the service without the need for an invite, giving access to millions of tracks for up to 20 hours every month – that’s equivalent to listening to 25 albums or 300 tracks EVERY month!

So if you’ve got friends who haven’t managed to get an invite but have been dying to get on Spotify, let them know about Spotify Open.

We’re really excited to offer more choices for users and existing users who are happy with their current plan won’t be affected by these updates.

To view a full comparison of all the products that we now offer head over to the products overview page.


  1. Spotify Open – the chance for ANYONE to have Spotify for only 20hrs a month
    Spotify Free – after being invited to sign up through friends you get unlimited music but with ads
    Spotify Unlimited – ad-free tracks but not on all formats, ie offline or mobile
    Spotify Premium – Unlimited ad free music on every format available

    All perfectly explainatory to me!! Well done Spotify! Thank you!

  2. What a bunch of whiners! Some people are never happy.

    I think spotify is the best thing to happen to music since… well, music.
    Im happy to pay 99kr every month for a service that is improving all the time.

    If spotify isn’t for you as many people write here than don’t use it. I mean, someone even wrote they were going back to youtube instead of spotify. Thats just insane.

  3. Can I use a free client (DeSpotify etc) with the Unlimited account?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. I like the new plan, I’ve had premium in the past but I found that I didn’t mind the ads, and the lower quality didn’t bother me so I’ve been on free since then. But I got unlimited today to give it a go. The price is perfect. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about it, if you ignore the day pass nothing has been taken away, its the same with more features and then you have a cheaper option to choose from. Although I hope you keep the free plan as the majority of people use it, spotify would not be as popular and revolutionary without it.

    One more thing to add. Thanks for supporting linux spotify devs! Although I’d love a native linux client, or I’d even settle for a ubuntu/debian version, it works in wine perfectly however some features don’t work out of the box, needs a bit of tweaking sometimes.

  5. Spotify Open should be 20 hours per week. I used Spotify 12h on my first 1,5 days. 8 hours left for rest of the month.

  6. 20 hours per month of streaming music. that’s nothing :O.

    Spotify free still exists right?

  7. I really don’t understand why people moan about paying 9.99 a month for
    Premium, that works out less than 2.50 a week or the price of a pint. I have been a premium user since the beginning and have enjoyed every minute. Spotify is the best online music service I have used and I will happily continue to pay 9.99. Keep up the good work Spotify.

  8. I can see they are trying out a new business model (free limited account vs. premium unlimited accounts). I bet they want to see what the conversion rate to unlimited accounts will be. If the conversion rate is good, this will help them convince American music industry to let them release their App in the US! Nice move. I think their offer makes more sense today on a financial level. I can see them starting making money with this new business model… Go Spotify, you are the new iTunes!

  9. det här är sämst spotify open haha (!”#¤%&/()=?`!”#¤%&/()=?“?=)/&%¤#”!½

  10. Please Please Please bring back the day pass!!! It was so helpful to have while working, I have had the free account since way before you needed an invite and the ads dont bother me much and sometimes it is nice to hear them but every now and again it was nice to pay 99p and loose the ads… for example I was recently working on my dissertation at uni and it was nice not to have the distraction… Please bring back the day pass!

  11. open is kind awesome,i got it, it is good for you who waits for an invite 🙂

  12. Open seems to be 19 hours 30 minutes. Atleast for me it jumped from 31 minutes to 0.

  13. Well, i’m going to downgrade to unlimited as I never use the offline function and my mobile (using Windows Mobile) is not compatible. When Spotify supports WM (while not the most popular mobile OS, it still got a decent 15% market share) I will upgrade again.

  14. This is great and all but why did you have remove Day Pass? 😦

    It was awesome the times where there was a party somewhere and they couldn’t afford premium at the time.

  15. Disappointing you’ve removed the Day Pass. I was going to buy one for an upcoming party.

  16. There’s just one thing I don’t get.
    If a new user signs up for an open account and then decides to try unlimited or premium account for a month, what happens after their subscription expires?
    Do they revert to open or free?