Hallo Nederland

Today we’re delighted to introduce Spotify to The Netherlands. The Netherlands will be the seventh country that Spotify is available in and we’re very excited to bring you all a new way to listen to music.

For those of you who are hearing about Spotify for the first time and are curious for more information, have a look around our website where you can read all about us, check out our new social and local music files features and work out which of the products we offer is best for you.

And for those of you who have been dying to use Spotify in The Netherlands then the wait is over.

Go and sign up now!

Also, as part of our launch we’ve got a brand new track recorded by the duo Guus Meeuwis and Marco Borsato. The new track, Schouder aan Schouder, is the first time these close friends have worked together and is available exclusively on Spotify before it’s release..

Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you more information about what Spotify is all about and some of the news about what we’ve got going on in The Netherlands, so stay tuned…..


  1. @andres, you could reintroduce the 1 year for €100. It would be totally suitable for ideal.

    @digibeta, at the moment Ideal is much safer as credit-cards. Using a device to generate a code using your card and a displayed code on the payment website makes it much more difficult to abuse.

    I think that if Spotify wants to get big in the Netherlands they need to support a direct debit option or Ideal. Setting up a Paypal account for payment is an unwanted, relatively time consuming activity for much customers.

  2. I would go premium if you would offer me an iDEAL payment. Creditcard is sucky, as is PayPal.

  3. Thanks for introducing Spotify to the Netherlands! Just started using it and i love it. I am spreading the word amongst my friends!

  4. Briljant. Zou wel eens subscriber kunnen worden. Eerst maar eens een beetje luisteren 🙂

  5. You have to make a mobile spotify app for Blackberry! Otherwise it has no much use for me to go premium!

  6. Welcome you are! Enjoy! 🙂

    I hope you get Denmark included too, as I have friends there too whom are really missing out!

  7. Absolutely brilliant, after only ten minutes I decided to subscribe to a paid account. I agree with other commenters that an IDeal payment option would be essential to become real successful here in NL. My friend who was just here doesn’t even have a creditcard, nor does she trust coupling her bank account to paypal. We’re a debit card nation… ha.

  8. You folks are amazing, great job! I’ve waited patiently for Spotify, and now it happend!

  9. Seems great. I love the function to view all track of an Album. Usually we only know 1 song per artist. Now we get all songs of the CD.
    But if you really want to sell in the netherlands, you must have I-DEAL support. I am not very found of the credit cards payment method.

  10. Heeey. Two days on Spotify now and already adicted. :-P” Great service, thanks.

  11. Omdat ik geen creditcard heb en ook niet wil aanschaffen, heb ik een Paypal-account geopend om Spotify Premium te bestellen. Vervolgens blijkt echter dat Spotify geen betaling via Paypal accepteert. Kan hier snel iets aan gedaan worden of geef in ieder geval in het betaalscherm aan dat de Paypal-optie alleen voor de UK van toepassing is. 😦

  12. Grats Nederland!
    Hope you enjoy it just as much as I do. I think my Spotify runs 24/7 🙂 Eather on one computer home/work or on a cellphone. Its a huge number of playlist out there to enjoy. And lots of Dutch music, among one of my favorits, Rene Froger. I recomend premium, a cheap way to love music:)
    Feel free to ad me to your friends list if you like to exchange music.
    And here is one of my playlists.

    I wish you all the best of luck and enjoy with Spotify.

    Greatings from Norway

  13. Hoi, ik wil een premium account nemen, heb hiervoor een pay-pal account aangemaakt, maar nu kan ik nog geen premium account nemen,
    want bij aanmeden bij spotify zegt deze koppel een creditcard aan je paypal rekeneing. op deze manier heb je toch niks aan een paypal rekening.

    hoe kan je nu betalen , weet iemand hoe het werkt.


    henri dona

  14. hoi muziekliefhebbers,

    na enkele dagen spotify open gebruikt te hebben, wilde ik een premium account openen.
    maar ja je hebt dan een credit card nodig of een paypal rekening.
    dus ik een paypal rekening aangemaakt, maar je kan dan nog geen premium account nemen, want als je je aanmeld bij spotify, vraagd deze om je credit card te koppelen, maar je die hebben we niet. !!!!!

    je kan ook een e-card kopen , maar dit werkt ook volgens bovenstaande methode !!

    oplossing is: ga naar de website http://www.digimuziek.nl
    hier kan je in de webshop een e-card kopen en deze gewoon betalen via inernet bankiern je krijgt van hun een mailtje
    terug (na betaling) met een link die je automatisch doorlinkt naarspotify en je premium account registreert.
    hierna moet je , opnieuw de software downloaden en daarna werkt het.

    ik had dit vrijdagavond besteld , en na al 11/2 uur had ik het mailjte ontvangen.

    dit is een goede service

    hopend dat jullie hier je gemak van kan hebben, om zo toch aan een betaalde account te komen.

    spotify : is werkelijk beregoed, ben er erg blij mee goede kwaliteit, en zeg nou eerljik voor 10 euro per maand,
    heb je de beschikking over een gigantisch muziek collectie.
    ik hoef nu niet meer illigaal te downloaden.

    veel luistergenot toegewenst.

    henri dHenri dona

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    Geregistreerd: za 29 mei 2010, 15:24

  15. Hear hear.
    I succeeded installing Spotify under Wine and linux opensuse 11.2. Hereby I kindly request for you guys to produce a linux version of Spotify. By doing that you will make life much easier for guys like me (spend two days googeling and troubleshooting, but hey: it works like a bliss).

  16. Ik kon toch gewoon via PayPal betalen, omdat je daar je bankrekening aan kan koppelen.

    Yes I support also a Linux version or better: a Rhythmbox plugin. Using Ubuntu.

  17. But I also support an iDeal-solution. It is very popular in the Netherlands.

  18. I had a subscription for 2 weeks but there’s just too much music missing. I’m not gonna pay for something i don’t get.

  19. What a great service!!
    I immediately upgraded to unlimited, after 1 hour of the free version. Spotify is almost to good to be true! I’m exploring so much new music, and no need to download albums for just 1 listen anymore.

    Great! Keep it up, and keep on filling the music database :-). Might go over to Premium when it can natively connect with my Sonos.

  20. Who can help me??
    I can’t login to Spotify on my I-phone.
    It say: Maybe you’ve changed or misspeld the password??

    I think I didn’t changed or misspeld it!
    What to do?

    Andre Lammers

  21. I,want to go premium.Activated a paypal card with a normal bankaccount and now they are asking for creditcard accounts?,my paypal is activated,what can i do more have no american expres cards etc,the quistion is what do you like to pay with paypal ore creditcards,press paypal and then they ask you for creditcard accounts a bit strange.Who can give me advice about this really want to have spotify ,p.s.hope sombody can help me looking for spotify holland telnr.