Spotify for iPhone 0.4.5 available

We have a update of our iPhone app to let you know about – version 0.4.5 is now available in the App store for download. This update brings a few of the new social features that we’ve launched on the desktop to your mobile phone as well.

Some of the updates included are:

  • The new Inbox to received tracks from friends has been added
  • The app will now automatically try to find a replacement for any track you can’t play.
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing use in-app browser rather than opening Safari
  • Years are shown in artist and album views

Many of you have also been patiently waiting for new versions of our other mobile apps and they are on the way soon, stay tuned!


  1. Same problem as above. The offline mode is basically the only reason why I’m paying for this service. Could you please quickly solve this problem ?

  2. This week my spotify crashes everytime I click anything. I have a paid account and I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now. There is no support for this and I am loosing my patience. I also get error 301 if I manage to get a rack to play and try to scrobble. The update is great but this needs to be fixed asap!!!

  3. without reading throug all the posts but I can guess a lot of them is concering the same thing I will gripe about. Each time I switch on my Iphone or answer a call or a message it takes about 30 secs – 3 minutes until I can access my offline spotify music again. This is frikkin anoying!!!!! and i started after I updated my Spotify client. Whats the deal!!! The songs are there, and since they “suddenly” apear after 2 minutes without a compatible Wifi network its obviosly some stupid software issue. Whats the deal!!?!??!

  4. well after reading through all the comments that have the same problem that I have I just have to laugh….whats the deal. It worked before, how hard can it be to fix it OR give us a plausible reason for why it happens….

  5. Hello, i know this is not the right place to do this, but i was wondering if any of you had an extra invitacion for my girlfriend, i just cant find theme anywhere, thank you guys.

  6. I have the same problem as all of the above comments. When not in a wi-fi zone, all my offline tracks are greyed out and is not playable. This renders the app useless for me, and i will cancel my premium subscription if there is no explanation or update in very near future.

  7. Thanks a bunch for adding useless drivel like Facebook on Spotify and making my (Iphone) app delete the synced tracks ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Back to C-cassettes is it time?

  8. I bought a premium account for a long trip in car. I downloaded all tracks for an offline mode and I can’t use it because it needs a sync with spotify or iTunes … It’s very annoying … Can you fix this ????

  9. decided last night I was going to get premium so I can run the iPhone app…

    and then I read the reviews of the latest version

    when the hell are you going to fix that… or just go back to the old version

  10. This release is useless, it keeps crashing and constant re-syncing of track is needed every day. I wasnt able to listen to any offline tracks yesterday.

    Wish i didnt upgrade the iphone version of the app now 😦

  11. Problem with the iphone app – i lose all my offline songs, took me an hour to sync all of my tracks for offline playback now they are just gone – Not happy at all as i just purchased premium for the first time..from what i have read a lot of people are also having this issue..


  12. Lovely! We can all be much more social and happily avoid ever spending time in each others presence. Tick that off the list and sort out the re-sync problem which is causing extreme frustration – see your own FAQs – I think you need to put out an announcement about what is being done to fix this as the only function that i actually pay for is not working. People will cancel their premium accounts if this isn’t dealt with.

  13. How about a new version with an update to fix scrobbling of synched local files.

  14. Quite irritating that scrobbling doesn’t work with local library songs. It does report them to as ‘now playing’, but they never end up in my ‘Recently Listened Tracks’ list (i.e. scrobble them).

  15. Same synch problem as all the above; update please, before you lose a lot of Premium users.

  16. Spotify, you need to get a fix out för your offline mode problem. With this new update the offline playlists keeps demanding re-syncing all the time. I also have a problem connecting to the Spotify server from time to time.

    Appreciate if you get to it asap, I dont feel like paying for someting that does not work.

    Thank you in advance.

  17. New update will only allow me to use iPhone app when laptop is online. The iPhone app latest release has destroyed the entire Spotify experience. What happened and why? Answers please.

  18. What would be useful is if SOMEONE, ANYONE from SPOTIFY could come on here and simply acknowledge that there is a problem and state what they are doing about it. Is that too much to ask?

  19. Looking forward to the fix. Now I understand why the balance on my phone (pre-paid telia refill) was so low after the ride to the office this morning 😦

  20. it comes that way sync needed even if i have the play list in offline mode or not, so I hope they fix that problem.

  21. after updating to the latest software its been made unuseable sort it out.

  22. still not working guys i free month should be offered to premium users, this should not have happened stop making it bigger it was fine b4 the update

  23. i agree with previous comments re spotify letting us know something how long has it taken b4 the above ,spotify you need to sort out your customer relations they pay your wages

  24. can anyone confirm if this is fixed before i take an hour again *again* to sync my tracks plz?

  25. Seems to work for me. Had same difficulty as everyone else – now no further problems, thank goodness. But things were not OK immediately. I needed to log out and then back in first – so may you.

  26. Been having the same problem as a lot of people. You could have had the decency to answer sooner
    or perhaps send an email out. That would have taken no time at all but would have at least shown some regard for those of us who are paying.

  27. Please, any roadmap for Android?

    Android’s people are watting!!!!! Please, come on! We really want new version for android. We aren’t even able to scrobble to!!!!!!

  28. I would love to use my iphone with spotify as since you guys made something in the system i keep on loosing all sync and im really fed up to sync the iphone over and over again to loose everything.

  29. Hi everyone

    Please try the following steps to fix your iphone:
    1) Delete the Spotify application from your iPhone / iPod (this can be done by pressing and holding the application until it hovers and then pressing “X”).
    2) Restart your iPod / iPhone.
    3) Install Spotify again from the App Store.

    Please note that all your cached songs will disappear in this procedure.
    If this doesn’t work please try using a different wireless network and also make sure you have the latest software for your device.

  30. i have done all the steps cale, the issue is not that. when im in the wireless i have no problems with the iphone, the issue comes when im not in the wireless, i inmediatly loose all the playlists, even if i use the offline mode and after sync. after 3 iphone restarts i have everything back, and then it desapear again and so on…

  31. Awesome… except Android is now equally popular as the iPhone. How’s about an update one of these days? We’re paying the same as iPhone users, why do they get so many more updates?

  32. New App update is still very buggy. I have deleted, re-installed, as instructed. It is pretty much unusable when in offline mode (which for me is its primary purpose). Please can you update us – its been a week and many of us are paying for something that doesn’t work. You really need to communicate in a more timely fashion with your customers or you will lose many of them.

  33. Somehow yesterday I synced about twenty songs for lark, expecting them to be deleted this morning when I’m off to work, but mysteriously the cached songs were still available for offline/commuting pleasure and displayed no error messages.
    Though I yet dare not to reload the 2200+ songs I have on my Iphone playlist. Has the offline mode come back to life on anybody else?

  34. @jimphsmith lol, are you serious? Iphone can’t even run this app in the background. So much for pouring out money for an overpriced device!

    As many others, i am waiting for an android update. Only thing that keep me with you atm is offline playlist. Or else i would have changed over to other people with same kind of service.

  35. @jonesn3, I think the summer update to Iphone OS will allow apps running in the background, but have to see it to believe it.

    Meanwhile my syncing seems to have returned back to normal, and the program won’t insult me about syncing when leaving wifi-area.

  36. 😦
    Syncing my playlists over and over again… Really disapointed since I just got premium to use Spotify on my Phone.

  37. Sorry, overlooked cale, will try this now but it would be easier to know about such help if it was marked as an update in itunes…

  38. Tried the fix – synching is still very sporadic and it will take me a long time to synch my playlists at this rate. Frustrated customer.

  39. Yeah, what about android. Update was “coming soon”, what sounds like ages ago !

  40. And small note there : I will cancel premium if update still not there when renewal time comes. And will do so for every iPhone update without android equivalent.
    I see new support for nokia, nice to add new device, what about supporting the existing ones ?
    As a linux and android user, i’m felling a bit annoyed by that non support.

  41. When is the android update coming? Not only is it missing the features the iphone users have, but it looks pretty bad (horrible resolution) on my Milestone.

  42. why can’t we have top playlists/tracks available on the iPhone app. Used the android spofity app and this feature is great per desktop app. Makes browsing for new music on ur iPhone a pain in the a$*e! Means you have to know the Artist track or album you want to search for raher that just randomly browsing top musi’veY’ve done it on other platforms- why not iPhone?

  43. why cant you guys make an update that makes the songs ON IPOD sorted by either album, artist or song? I am so sick of sorting them manually! please do this.. However i enjoy spotify extremely much and it is definitly worth paying 9,99 per month for premium:)