Spotify Premium, Get Fresh

You may know Kid Sister from ‘Pro Nails’, the hit with Kanye West that introduced the high-shine Chicago MC to the world. You may also have encountered her as the voice of Count and Sinden’s 2008 club hit ‘Beeper’ or read about her in the swathe of cool kid press that emerged around her last year. And if none of the above apply, don’t worry, because the next twelve months are likely to be flattened by the ghetto pop juggernaut that Kid Sister, real name Melissa Young, has created in her debut album ‘Ultraviolet’.

Starting today, Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK can listen to the album before it’s wide release next week.


  1. Spotify want only money, they don’t listen to customers ! Please make a native linux-version for all! Some persons wait this…

  2. i soooo agree with epervieror!!!!!!
    linux is much better so why doesnt it get the same privilages as windows? O.o