Spotify for iPhone v0.4.1 to fix critical issues

Some serious but rare bugs waited until the new version was out to the general public before showing themselves – despite every effort from our quality assurance team to ensure this doesn’t happen. We’ve identified most of these bugs and we’re going to submit a fix to Apple shortly for approval so hopefully we can get it out to users as quickly as possible.

So what’s been fixed?

  • There was an incompatibility with some makes of Wi-Fi routers causing DNS queries to never return. In practice, this meant that the app would hang forever trying to login or restore but this will now be fixed. A big thanks to the users at our support forums who helped track this issue down!
  • On some devices, when Spotify tries to find your iPod tracks to be able to play them, Spotify will crash just a few seconds after launching. We haven’t found the reason yet, but rather than keep you waiting until we find it we’re added an option to disable iPod integration on the ‘More’ screen until the issue is fixed. Also, Spotify won’t try to find your tracks until about two minutes after start, so you’ll have time to disable the option. Of course, the feature should work, and we are working hard to track down the bug.

We are sorry to those who have been affected and hopefully we can roll this fix out fast. If you’re

And finally – we wish everyone a Happy Easter and holiday weekend.

UPDATE: We’ve submitted the app to Apple and as soon as it’s available for download we will let you know. In the meantime we are going to pull version 0.4 from the App store in order to ensure that no one else experiences problems.

UPDATE 2: The new app has been approved and we’re just waiting for it to appear in the App store now.