More than 300,000 new tracks added

A couple of days ago we updated the music catalogue, and this time we added about 300,000 tracks. This update includes releases such as:

You can check out this longer list of latest releases, which is automatically updated and only displays albums released the last seven days.

As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Enjoy, and do drop a link to the best music in this release!


  1. Why has Arcade Fire dissapeared from Spotify?? Funeral hasnt been here for a long time and now neon bible is gone.
    I would like to know if it is removed for good.

  2. Until the shockwaves adds I was happy with the interruptions – sometimes they were actually enjoyable. But now they are making spotify unlistenable. How can I enjoy listening to music if I approach 1 in 5 tracks with a heightened level of annoyance. Please please take this into account when taking on future adverts. I will repeat EVERY other ad you have had (that ive heard) has been fine.

    To sum. The shockwaves adds suck the life out of my music. NO MORE PLEASE.

  3. Hey,

    What happened to the new Frightened Rabbit album?! Here one day, gone the next!

  4. I was going to make a comment to add metallica to spotify since they’re the best band in world and missing, but I see that I wouldn’t be the first one to comment that so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

  5. I also was looking for the suggestion box – anyway :

    Having ads is ok, but PLEASE ! … the same ‘Shockwaves’ ad SIX times in a row ? !

    A bit of variety please.

    cheers & thank you ! x

  6. This is probably not the right place for a request but I would like the song ‘Arcade fire: wake up’ added to spotify please.

  7. Why do not add a date “Date Added To Spotify” for every track added to Spotify. Then make it possible to search within the Spotify Client for all tracks added after a specific date.
    Or added between different dates. Similar to the feature of searching for years, “year:2008-2010”.
    Then it would be possible to sort the result after Track, Artist, Album, Popularity etc…

  8. I was wondering when you guys are gonna make Gary Jules’ album “Trading snakeoil for wolftickets” available here in Sweden. He is one of my favorite artists, and I would love it if it was made available.

    Please get back soon.

  9. Please please please enough Shockwaves ads already! Ad supported is fine, but vary them a bit surely……..

  10. Please Add J-Rock Songs!
    I love hearing those.
    From the Bands. LM.C TheGazettE, Honeybee and more

  11. When are Spotify planning on getting the “new” Five Finger Death Punch album up(war is the answer)??? the album is mentioned in their description but theres no music..

  12. please please please could you look into getting the japanese artist Nujabes’ (Seba Jun work on Spotify.
    He recently passed away and his music is fantastic and genre-spanning.
    thanks and keep up the good work
    rip nujabes

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that Spotify don’t “choose” what to add to Spotify – they get sent albums from the record labels, and Spotify automatically add all the music that’s sent to them (unless they have some kind of explicit reason not to, ie nazi music). I highly doubt Spotify are sitting on huge catalogues of music that they’re just voluntarily choosing to keep off the program for no reason. If an album’s not on Spotify, it’s because whoever owns the rights to the music hasn’t given Spotify permission to add it.

    So if you want something added to Spotify, contact whoever owns the rights to the music (is record label, distributor, etc) and tell them you’d like their music to be on Spotify. Maybe they’ll listen.

    In other words – there’s probably no much point in leaving comments here telling Spotify to add stuff – if Spotify were allowed to add whatever you’re requesting, they would have done it already.

  14. Where did the latest remixes of EDITORS go?? There was a brilliant Tiesto remix which has now vanished….?!?

  15. Add some OASIS Tracks man seriously, Theres justin bieber .. Yet no OASIS ???

  16. It is good to speak about newcomers on Spotify, but what about all albums that are deleted ?
    “The Fifth Element OST” (Eric Serra), “Last days in wonderland” (Jimmy Darling)…
    I don’t know why they are no here anymore, and that’s I want to know !

  17. chester see- god damn you’re beauttiful . can you mabye add it? my favourite song, but it isn’t on spotify : /

  18. When will Norwegian group, Karpe Diem’s newest album be available in Spain?

    And B.O.B aka Bobby Ray’s album: “The adventure of Bobby Ray”?

    I love the song: B.o.B Ft. Bruno Mars – Nothin’ On You!