Spotify Premium Sweden, we’ve got the love

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket to Florence + The Machine’s gig in Stockholm next Tuesday before they sold out, we have some great news for you. Universal Music had a few tickets left that we can give away – Spotify Premium subscriber can leave a comment here on the blog for the chance to win two tickets for you and a friend!

Lead singer Florence Welch has also put together a little playlist to get you folks in the right spirit, listen to it here.

The concert takes place at Debaser Medis on Tuesday 2nd March, doors open at 7pm. The winners will be notified on Monday. You have to be eighteen years or older to get into the venue.

New Jimi Hendrix video exclusively on Spotify

Starting today we’re hosting the first ever, full length music video on Spotify and it’s one we’re really excited about – the world premiere of Jim Hendrix’ new video. “Bleeding Heart” is directed by Julien Temple and depicts Jimi Hendrix playing at Glastonbury, the performance he never managed to give before he died. The video kicks off Sony Music’s global promotional campaign for Hendrix’s upcoming album Valleys of Neptune.

The video is being release a few weeks before Jimi’s new album, Valleys of Neptune, which will be available exclusively for Spotify Premium subscribers starting March 4th. Valleys of Neptune features twelve stunning studio recordings tracks, many of which have never been heard before.

In addition to the video and pre-release we’re going to be hosting an exciting contest next week, stay tuned for more on this.

You can view the video within Spotify Free as a pop-up on the homepage or if you are a premium user here on the blog.

February music playlist – courtesy of Drowned in Sound

Following the pilot Drowned in January playlist, Spotify are pleased to announce a new regular feature.

Once a month, Drowned in Sound’s founder Sean Adams, will curate a 20-track playlist featuring some of the month’s finest releases. Songs, mostly from the ‘alternative’/indie-rock/electronic sphere’s albums of the month, plus a few classics from the Spotify archive will feature alongside a hand-picked splattering of brand new bands.

Drowned in February 2010 Playlist

1) Phoenix ‘Love Like A Sunset Part I’

Drums drip into a sea of synths on this instrumental track from sophisto-pop Parisians Phoenix, taken their Grammy award-winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – which was also our album of 2009!

2) Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Skeletons’

It’s Blitz! the third album from Karen O and co, raised the bar in many ways. Primarily it shifted the reputation of the New York trio from mere fashionista favourites to the status of one of the greatest bands in the world right now. New single ‘Skeletons’ was released on February 1st and has a brilliant video!

3) Massive Attack ‘Babel’

Moving on from the best of 2009’s record releases to one of the most anticipated albums to come out so far this year: Heligoland (Review). This incarnation of the Bristol innovators – who dominated magazines pages, media polls and bedroom stereos throughout much of the 90s – has produced one of their finest works to date. Their brooding beats lead an enviable guestlist of friends, ranging from, amongst others, Elbow’s Guy Garvey and Blur’s Damon Albarn, to this track featuring Martina Topley-Bird.


Spotify Premium Spain, The Answer

El grupo español de pop/jazz Marlango está a punto de publicar su cuarto álbum, Life In The Treehouse, que saldrá el 2 de marzo. ¡A partir de hoy los suscriptores de Spotify Premium podéis escuchar el nuevo álbum una semana antes del lanzamiento oficial! Escucha el primer single, The Long Fall para saborear lo que te esta esperando.

The Spanish pop/jazz band Marlango is releasing it’s fourth studio album, Life In The Treehouse, on March 2n. Starting today, Spotify Premium subscribers in Spain can listen to the album a week before it’s release, check out the first single, The Long Fall, for a taste of what to expect.

Spotify introduces Believe Digital

We’re always looking to add more music to our catalogue from a diverse range of sources. Today we’re happy to let you know about a new partnership with Believe Digital, the leading digital distributor for independent artists and labels in Europe.

This means a huge number of new indies coming to Spotify, among them a lot of french artists which is particularly great as we’ve recently opened up for a wider audience in France. For all of those who wonder what Nouvelle Vague means, you may find a delightful musical answer. And for music lovers in general, here is a selection of what Believe has in store for you: Sélection_Believe (a lot more to come…).

French Summary:
Spotify signe un partenariat avec Believe Digital

Nous ajoutons en permanence de la musique disponible de nombreux labels indépendants européens, mais nous souhaitons mettre particulièrement en avant notre partenariat récent avec Believe Digital, le 1er label numérique européen.

Believe c’est plus de 600 000 titres en cours d’encodage et un grand pas en avant pour la France grâce à son catalogue très riche en artistes français.

Les derniers artistes ayant signé avec Believe Digital seront donc disponibles dans l’application : Wayne Beckford, nominé pour les derniers MIDEM Talents (sortie de l’album Alpha Omega le 19 avril prochain), Jil Is Lucky dont le titre ‘The Wanderer’ a été utilisé dans la dernière pub Kenzo Flower diffusé à la télévision et au cinéma ou encore The Amplifetes, groupe suédois d’électro pop, dont le premier album est attendu pour avril.

Top lists – see what’s popular

Our Top lists feature has been a little slow to update recently but that should all be resolved now and the lists are updated early each week based on your past week’s listening history. So if you’re curious to see what track or artist you’ve recently been listening to the most, then you can view your top ten tracks, albums and artists as well as the top 100 hits in various different countries.

To see the top lists head to the Home page, then click on the Top lists tab. There you will see drop down menus where you can select various different views.

Community Awards

I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know about a little initiative being run by Afront over at the The Pansentient League blog. Afront has put together a competition to find the best Spotify Community site and we’ve pitched in with some premium subscriptions for the winners. We think this is a great initiative and really appreciate all the hard work people put into building these sites.

Head over and vote for you favourite Spotify community site, also check out our Resources page that Afront kindly helps keep updated.

Spotify Sweden, MJ DVD

The hit movie “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” is coming out on Blu-ray and DVD this week and we’ve got ten prize packs to give away to users in Sweden courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The prize contains either a DVD/Blu-ray of the movie, a T-Shirt and the soundtrack.

If you’re interested in winning just leave a comment here on the blog as to why you should get the prize. Also be sure to check out the specially made MJ playlist from Darin for this contest.

Technical issues on Saturday night

You may have noticed that last night was a little quieter than usual as we experienced some technical difficulties and I wanted to update everyone on what happened. Saturday evening there was a power outage at a large data site in London where we host some of our servers. The backup power kicked in as planned, however, one of the big air conditioners in the data centre did not start properly. Heat is a major issue in large data centres and without this cooling unit the temperature rose very quickly and our servers shut down to protect themselves from over heating. Once we discovered the source of the problem we started work on bringing the servers back online but because of the large number of servers and the complexity of the system it took a few hours to get everything up and running again.

Currently all systems are working properly – a few premium users may have some billing anomalies due to the outage but we will contact those users directly to resolve any issues, billing issues have been resolved see below for an update. If you experience troubles connecting please try downloading and reinstalling Spotify.

Having a stable and secure service is extremely important to us. We’re very sorry for the silence this caused and I can assure you that over the next few days and weeks we’ll be working to make sure that this does not happen again.

Update Feb 24: We have reversed and refunded any incorrect or double payments so if you have billing errors it will be automatically resolved. If you have any further question about your payments please contact our support.