New Metadata API

A few days ago we released the first version of our new Metadata API and I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it. The Metadata API allows you to search for tracks, albums and artists, much like you search in the client, but you get the result in XML format.

The first use of the API was done on our very own sharing links which, as of last week, display artists and track name rather than just the HTTP link when share with your friends.

Have a look at Magnus’ post on the developers site for all the details about the new API. We look forward to seeing all the neat uses that people come up with.


  1. please, Taylor Swift’s new cd on spotify! Fearless platinum edition

  2. Good stuff guys, a new API is awesome for developers. Other posters, stop requesting things in blog posts, surely there’s a better place for feature/music requests?

  3. You need to introduce some kind of caching system. The streaming service just isn’t working. There are now constant interruptions to the music as the data loads. Disrupting the timing is the one thing that is fundamentally unacceptable in a music service.

    You should create a temporary cache system so that a user can say I want this track or these tracks to be fully downloaded and cached so there will an absolute guarantee of no interruptions while I listen to it.

  4. bytorchlight – This exits, create a playlist, go to that and in the top right turn “Available Offline” to “On”.

  5. It’s not quite the same thing. I’m talking about a temporary caching system, without the need to create playlists. But, yes, you could use the offline feature to achieve the same thing.

  6. My first application that uses the metadata API: Cleanify, a service that translates cryptic Spotify URLs into clean, readable links. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  7. Not really regarding this API, but sort of an API change…but I’m sure Andres Sehr will forward this to the correct location:

    So, you are always playing a Call-the-Spotify-Voice-Mail-and-Tell-Us-What-You-Think ad asking me to talk to you guys through my mobile telling you how much I love you. Well, I love you, get over it.

    How about allowing me to leave you a feedback (telling you how much I love you) directly through the Spotify application? The reason I’m asking for this is that I just had an idea that might help you guys sell more ads and also make ad-listeners a bit more happier listening to those ads…the idea is simple:

    “Allow me to replay the ad I just heard cause I was interested in what I heard but I just missed some parts of it and want to hear it again or I want to “click the logo” to get more info.”

    …then I came across the missing feature of the Spotify application “Leave feedback” (or some way of telling you how much I love you) directly through the client.

    Hope I get both:
    1. Replay of ads (not kidding, some people like to listen to those ads again)
    2. Direct feedback from the Spotify application


  8. @stinnistud – You can already replay adverts that have run. If you go to Queue -> History tab you’ll see everything that has played including ads which you can click on and replay.

  9. I have just one question. Can’t you make spotify in more languages? 🙂 Like swedish, norwegian and etc.. 🙂

  10. @bytorchlight : of course there’s some caching, even without offline mode, just look in your application data folder, the 4 most recent subfolders are for the current song played, and it “bufferizes” data every 20-30 seconds or so usually.
    BUT yes you’re right for the actual problems, I guess this has something to do with this new api, I also have constant interruptions these days (for the “unpopular” stuff, it’s pretty terrible, stops 3 times within each minute…) Hope it’ll be fixed VERY soon ;

  11. Please, would you put out The Chameleons “Script of the Bridge”? The bad versions of the songs from that album is still popular on spotify, and imagine how popular the real songs would be!

  12. I sure would like spotify to work with Squeezebox, I think spotify would sell more premium accounts if it were possible to connect the two. I sure would buy premium instantly =)

  13. how come that you don’t have: Three days grace – Animal i have become … ? =D

  14. i think you should add variable bitrate for the people with slower connections 🙂

  15. Playlist creation is a much needed feature. We could then use the API and maybe mix it with to find similar artists, create them a playlist and add it to spotify. Technically it should support generated XML playlists or something similar.

  16. Where does this leave Squeezebox to support Spotify? The Squeezebox team were saying the original API was not rich enough for them to integrate Spotify with Sqeezebox, where does this leave that?

    Spotify, can you please make it work with Squeezebox by talking to the Squeezebox team.


  17. Missing support for getting a users top list?
    Might be neat for bloggers and maybe a facebook app? has this…